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    Mediapulsertb Publisher Platform

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    Advanced Traffic Optimization

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    for mobile app monetization

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    for Mobile Publishers & App Developers

SPX: The MEDIAPULSERTB Publisher Platform

An internationally-oriented, mobile-privileged framework and costless advertisement platform for application creators and publishers


Largest Global Reach

MEDIAPULSERTB is a globally outstanding sovereign mobile advertising marketplace, with unmatched international coverage


Extensive Demand

MEDIAPULSERTB’s vast demand partnership chain renders an amplitudinous scope of advertising vendors united in an integrated community


Higher Revenue

We have created agile, on-the-air contest for each single impression directly on MEDIAPULSERTB framework, ensuring increased clicks statistics and quick payoff

Boosted income through the flexible demand

Boosted income through the flexible demand

MEDIAPULSERTB projects an exceptional auction to assess the most appropriate accessible routes of demand for each impression boost income with an individualized approach.

Full monetization controls

MEDIAPULSERTB provides the publishers with encompassing price setting management and incorporated automatic optimizing tools.

Full monetization controls
Native Ad Builder

Native Ad Builder

Smart technologies for designing native advertising applications and mobile pages through a wide range of formats on MEDIAPULSERTB platform

Private Marketplace

Design unique and singular transactions for video, interactive media, native and traditional advertisements via proprietary online marketplace or selected transaction purchase frameworks

Private Marketplace
Exceptional assortment of demand affiliates

Exceptional assortment of demand affiliates

MEDIAPULSERTB server gives publishers the means to handle a couple hundreds DSP, appropriately incorporated advertising networks and proprietary ad web connections on a singular framework.

SDK Mediation

Incorporate a fresh or previously created profile with important advertising networks with SDK support you're already using into your MEDIAPULSERTB demand package. Connect them to your pre-existent demand immediately on MEDIAPULSERTB framework to variegate the demand and boost income by activated contest.

SDK Mediation
Free and easy to use

Free and easy to use

MEDIAPULSERTB platform provides the publishers with the means to fast monetization of their possessions via an extremely straightforward and short tuning procedure, and without additional payments for ad serving and technology.

App Developers / Mobile Publishers
Ad Networks & DSPs
Billion Mobile Users per Month
Billion Impressions per Month
  • "MEDIAPULSERTB have surprised me with their charitable pricing policy while at the same time proved to deliver the most remarkable results I’ve ever seen. I have a lot of experience to compare with, and their program and approaches are simply superb! My goals were reached pretty fast, and I have met really polite and professional account managers and support team. I am sure we will be friends forever and maybe even bring our collaboration to a new level in the near future."
    Ingrid Wilkins
  • "I was looking for the prospects for monetizing a sports game application I’ve recently developed, and I found MEDIAPULSERTB via an advertisement and decided to give them a shot. I’ve experienced quality service, supportive and open-minded team, and quick improvement of my financial position. Their strategists have designed a thorough roadmap for my campaign, and they have followed their obligations from A to Z. The outcomes were impressive on all sides, and I recommend MEDIAPULSERTB to all fellow developers!"
    Jacob Kristiansen
  • "I have a friend who is also working in the mobile tech field, and he recommended me MEDIAPULSERTB as a proper crew to deal with my hard nut task. And I definitely wasn’t disappointed, indeed, I am indebted to my friend, because MEDIAPULSERTB is truly a bunch of diehard professionals who know everything about the mobile ads and have great intuition as to how to deliver optimum results in a personal approach. Should I mention that I’ve reaped wonderful harvest both money-wise and quality-wise? This company is the real deal, and you’ll want to return to them again and again."
    Billy Hustings
  • "The campaign of mobile promotion of my web project with MEDIAPULSERTB turned up to be successful, to say the least. A competent, mindful and experienced team, cutting-edge tools, and guaranteed results! The stat reports are very handy, and the exchange auctions work in the best way possible. If you want quality and easygoing monetization for mobile, then MEDIAPULSERTB is what you need!"
    Anthony Watson
    web designer
  • "Being an advertiser, I was looking for a partnership in the field of mobile ads, and in the publishing in particular, and after a scrupulous selection I’ve made my mind in favor of MEDIAPULSERTB… The next thing I knew was our third deal with them, meaning I can’t stop being excited about continuing and expanding our work together, for the first two cases turned out to be deliciously profitable. This is truly the best choice in the mobile publishing world, believe me! "
    Christie Yamamoto

White Papers

MEDIAPULSERTB offers the optimum, time-tested yet innovative solutions for application developers and publishers who can opt from the variety of alternatives of the monetization of the resources of their mobile applications and web.

Ad Formats

MEDIAPULSERTB offers innovative video and static advertising formats that drive revenue and engagement for both mobile publishers and advertisers.

Market Quality

MEDIAPULSERTB guarantees the exclusive opportunity for the advertising agents to take advantage of the superior traffic and carefully selected public for the specific promotions.

Real Time Bidding

MEDIAPULSERTB marketplace is linked to the hundreds of advertising networks, and thus our publishing partners have an immediate access to the worldwide advertising resources.