6 best Facebook ads spy tools

When starting an advertising campaign for your business you should definitely do some research. One type of research you might considering is to check on what your competitors are doing. There are some tools to help you spy on other companies advertising campaigns on Facebook so you can then implement their strategies in your favor.

AdSwiper Facebook spy tool

AdSwiper is very easy and friendly in use Facebook Ad Spy Tool. You can search the for the successful ads that would be similar to your niche to analyze them and maybe use some of their strategies. You can look up some keywords to find the right ads.

AdLeap Software Facebook spy software

On AdLeap Software helps you instantly find high conversion ad campaigns in your niche that can save your time and resources. They have awesome support services in case you have any troubles. It allows you to save the ad campaign strategies you liked and create a database out of them. You can research copy, images, thumbnails for video, and much more. You are also able to view the complete information on each ad you pinned, including an image and statistics. There are couple pricing option Single Pay ($97 One-Time), or get Flex Pay ($47 per month, for three months).

Adsova ads spy tool

With Adsova you can research the coolest ad designs on the web. It is an awesome tool to discover visual ads. It has a vast database of various visual advertising campaigns with about 2500+ ads added daily for you to explore. With this tool you will be able to increase your return of investments as you can know for sure what works in the market. The subscription plans start at $39 per month.

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AdSector Facebook spy tool

AdSector is a very easy in use Facebook Ad Spy tool for you to create the most effective ads. You are able to discover thousands of working strategies on successful landing pages from your sector so that later you can create the best advertising campaigns for your business. You can learn what actually works on the internet and grabs prospective customers’ attention so that later you do not have to spend a fortune on failing strategies. The AdSector database is updated daily by thousands of ads examples and you can find the most relevant campaigns. You can search by keywords or interests, pin or download the ads you like to your personal collection and then look for the inspiration among them. The information is well organized which really easens your research.

Social Ad Scout

You can access Social Ad Scout from many different countries around the world. Look for the most successful campaigns using its various filters like text, URLs, type of ad, demographic searches. It is very easy in use, delivers the needed information fast and is usually accurate.


AdEspresso allows you to create and optimize your advertising campaigns. It is very easy in use and doesn’t cost a fortune so it is the best suit for small and medium budget businesses.


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