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    for Mobile Publishers & App Developers


For publishing agents, getting maximum gains from your application and enhancing consumer attraction are some of the first-to-be-solved questions. MEDIAPULSERTB is absolutely concerned with aiding you in increasing your profits and provide your consumers with the safe and pleasant browsing time.

Having an impressive background in the field of advertising technologies, v crew provides solid and reliable application monetizing channels allowing our clients to keep their attention on important things, creating perfect ambience for smartphone consumers with no need to be anxious about possible harm done to them through malicious ads.

Blocking Ad Quality Threats

Low-quality or threatening advertising materials intrude in the consumer excitement and harm your application’s credit. MEDIAPULSERTB’s quality management personnel safeguards your audience from cheating and spamming content implementing our antifraud technologies as well as special guarding and filtering algorithms.

MEDIAPULSERTB’s marketplace is known by its high standard and fast blocking of improper advertisements that is ensured by the detection of suspicious activities like automatic re-linking, intrusive materials, malicious soft, scamming schemes and so on.

Ensuring Ad Quality

Ensuring Ad Quality MEDIAPULSERTB implements a combination of security features to guarantee the adherence to standards, implying, among other things, filtering of incoming traffic and checking of purchasers, constant scanning of advertisements and utilizing strict touchstone guides to guard the reputation of our platform.

24/7 Monitoring
MEDIAPULSERTB’s quality control crew has highly efficient instruments for monitoring our exchange without geographic or temporal restrictions, keeping improper content away from your audience.
Buyer Verification
We strictly follow the detailed standards of purchaser validation that use the ratings system and compares supply with the appropriate demand.
Real-time Scanning Technology
MEDIAPULSERTB’s proprietary quality systems in combination with partner frameworks build a safe and reliable exchange experience for publishing community.
SDK Blocking Features
MEDIAPULSERTB’s platform incorporates the means to halt pop-ups and automatic redirecting and add another step to the process of safeguarding against suspicious and dishonest behavior.
Content Guidelines
We have a strict list of standards and rules for our demand companions, meaning there can be no low-quality content showing up in your applications.
Research & Improvement
MEDIAPULSERTB collects the information from our system as well as the leading specialists in the field to enlighten and enhance our advertising quality guidelines for demand companions.

Technology Partners

Technology Partners We closely cooperate with the most brilliant players in the mobile ad field to warrant the highest level of our quality benchmarks and preclude the hazards threatening to your application audience by filtering them out on our platform.

Pay per click (PPC) is an essential marketing tool for online advertising. To successfully use PPC you need to understand the concept of quality score. It is a composite evaluation of your ad, the keywords in it and landing page quality. It is represented as a number from 1 to 10 and it estimates how successful your ad will be. Increasing your quality score will help you get more click-throughs, better rank and even lead to less expensive click fees. Your quality score is determined by click-through rates (CTR), relevancy and the landing page of the ad. Make sure to constantly improve your rate, as it will result in how often your ad will be seen. CTR is surely an important factor but your content needs to be relevant as well. Keep your ad updated. Use relevant keywords that could help users easily find you. Put them into organised groups that are more likely to be searched. Keep your ad text updated and make sure it is targeted to your market segment. Also, your landing pages should be consistent with the ads posted. Finally, keep all your keywords relevant and consistent.

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