Adtech vs. martech

You may have heard the terms Martech (marketing technology) and Adtech (advertising technology) before but do you know what the differences between the two are? This article will help you understand all the similarities and differences between adtech and martech.

Whats’s adtech?

Adtech refers to the process of buying ad media and setting up audience targeting. Classic representatives of the adtech part of marketing include ad exchanges, demand-side platforms, DMPs, supply-side platforms and more. Optimizing your adtech can help you reduce your advertising spending without seeing a drop in the number of new customers and increase the efficiency of your ads by choosing the right audience for your ads.

What is martech?

Martech refers to the platforms and technologies that you use to create your ad media content, collect and analyze customer data. In martech technology your goal is to entice existing customers to buy again by analyzing their past behavior and creating customized ads that will work best for them. Additionally, martech allows you to target potential customers who are very close to converting and finally get them down the sales funnel.

Adtech vs martech: what are the differences?

Adtech and martech are two close but separate areas of marketing technology. Ad tech deals directly with advertisements and the metrics by which their performance is evaluated, such as the number of views, user behavior, impressions and more. By using adtech advertisers can create campaigns, implement them, track their performance and more. In turn, martech deals more with the sales funnel, lead creation and final user conversion. Marketing specialists often deal with A/B testing, social media campaigns, analysis of customer feedback and more. Since the two technologies deal with different parts of the marketing and advertising worlds, they also use different tools, platforms and techniques.

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Platforms and technologies used in adtech and martech

Since adtech and martech deal with related but different parts of advertisement, they also use different technologies and platforms specific to one of the fields. Ad technology, or adtech makes use of demand-side platforms where advertisers buy ad space and utilize real-time bidding, supply-side platforms where publishers can list their advertising inventory and get the best price for their ad space, ad exchanges, networks, servers and more. On the other hand, martech makes use of search engine optimization techniques and strategies, data analysis tools, CRMs and more.


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