What should advertisers know about IGTW?

All official targeted advertising in Instagram is via Facebook. In this case, you do not even need to have an account in Instagram, but the account in Facebook and the official page for your business – it is necessary.

Since the Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom announced Instagrams new IGTV application, we are trying to figure out what will that mean for advertisers. Let’s first discuss advantages of IGTV.

What’s IGTV?

IGTV is the new application that allows you to watch videos from your favorite creators. And the apps is built for mobile usage, so the videos are vertical and full screen. And, the videos have hourly duration.

More coverage, less cost

IGTV has a huge amount of traffic, and that lowers advertising costs, as advertisers didn’t get thir hands on it jet. And bloggers are trying to find their place too. And with IGTV, brands will get better results right after they finish their campaign.

End of YouTube?

At the moment, YouTube has option to put and active link under the video, and that’s the advantage it has. But soon, Instagram will have the similar option, and that’s where advantage stops.

Targeted advertising

As the average time users spend on Instagram increases, user will come across more ads, and that leads in lowering costs of CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

But that might change at any moment, so advertisers need to get on the new application among the first.

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Amnesty for all banned YouTube users

All users that were banned on YouTube will be able to create account on Instagram, and share their content. And since Instagram has over a billion of active users, it is a good stimulation for content users to post through Instagram.

More opportunities for broadcasters

Live broad-casts are already possible, and we expect that with the development of IGTV, the application announces the possibility of streaming and the preservation of live broadcasts in the format of posts.

This gives advertisers additional opportunities for advertising integration.

IGTV analytics

Another important thing you need to know is the performance of the videos you upload to your channel. For example, you can get an idea of how many people marked your videos, commented on how many people watched them, the average video view and the audience retention schedule.

To access this data, view the video that interests you, then click the gear icon or the 3 point icon depending on your phone type and click Views.

At this time, your video or channel can not be promoted. However, we believe that this will happen very soon after the new service is received and becomes significant.

Because the channel is linked to your Instagram account, anyone who follows you in Instagram will follow your channel. A good idea is to download high-quality videos for your target audience and use the appropriate titles and descriptions, as well as hash tags and links.


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