Advertising with bloggers doesn’t bring sales, why?

You have decided to invest in advertising with bloggers, you have 10, or 20 publications posted, and the sales aren’t coming? It seems like you’ve done everything right. You have the budget for advertising, and you have chosen the bloggers that have all conditions for reaching wide audience, but nothing is happening. There are no sales coming from them.

There are few factors that might me the reason for this situation.

Your site is not optimized

Before starting a campaign, check your website. It should be easy for customers to find what interests them, with clear description of products, photos, video. But it should all be balanced, without unnecessary information.

Optimise your site for mobile phone users. When it comes to Instagram, it is mostly used through smartphone. For YouTube, The percentage is divided. It is equally used through PC and smarphone. Check how does your site look like when opened with smartphones, but with tablets too. And check how long does it take to load it. If it takes longer than 2.5 seconds, you should optimize it.

If you are ready to invest in advertising, make sure you find the right and reliable hosting, and connect CDN (content distribution network), so you are sure you won’t loose and clients.

The lack of tempting, juicy offer

It is a mistake to think that a simple commercial, without tempting offer of gifts, free coupons, discounts, will attract customers.

  What is programmatic TV?

You can increase the engagement on your ads by using marketing tricks. Discounts(20%), coupons, bonuses. The users that have seen your ad from bloggers, should be privileged, in compare to the people that come to shop, without previously seeing the ads.

Not choosing the correct auditorium

When you are choosing the bloggers you want to advertise your products, you shouldn’t concentrate on their content. You should check the statistics. If you see a travel blogger, it doesn’t mean that other travelers are following him/her.

Blogger is not the same

There are not so many tools that can help you study the audience of a blogger. Especially since the API for Instagram and Facebook changed. You cannot randomly collect information without permission. So it is a common mistake to choose the wrong blogger with wrong audience.

But you can check the sites to which the bloggers connect their profile, like GetBlogger, and you should focus on the ‘regular’ visitors and followers for the blogger.

Not using different sources

When you do use different sources to talk about your product, it creates the feeling that your product is everywhere and that it’s a must have at the moment. SO make sure your product is advertised on different sources for at least three times.


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