Top Amazon Affiliate Websites For Making Money

Amazon affiliate websites can help you monetize your blogs and make money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is an awesome way to make money online and you do not have any limits.

It is definitely not the easiest task to actually start making real revenues with affiliate marketing but with some great efforts you can get there. Here is a list of some great examples of Amazon affiliate websites that can help you in making money.

Bestreviews are awesome in how they narrate every single review article, using real-time pictures of products. For the reviews they would actually go buy a product and test it in all kinds of ways to write an exclusive review. Bestreviews can show off their amazing statistics with almost 45v millions of daily unique visitors.

Their high traffic keywords are Best Foot Spa, Best Adult BMX Bikes, Best Mandoline Slicers etc.

The WireCutter is the real motivator for bloggers to start making money on Amazon affiliate program. Their success story is a real inspiration for everybody. You can research this website and find out a low competition with high search volume keywords to start planning for your own Amazon affiliate website.

TheWireCutter has almost 8,6 millions of unique monthly visitors. Their high traffic keywords are Best robot vacuum, best smart doorbell camera, best 3d pen and more.

ThisIsWhyImBroke covers almost every area there is to cover. At first, it looks like a regular e-commerce website you can use to buy products but then you can click on any product to discover it and it will redirect you to Amazon. This is an example of amazing branding and marketing strategy.

  Video is replacing banners- the future of mobile ads can be proud of their almost 3 millions of monthly unique visitors. Their high traffic keywords are hot tub hammock, belt buckle knife, batman motorcycle helmet. was talked about so much before it got sold. Its owner has made over $48,000 from one month from this website, impressing everyone. He revealed all his strategies that included scholarship link building. The amount of monthly unique visitors to exceeds half a million.Their high traffic keywords are best smartwatch, best windshield wipers, best gaming mouse, best hoverboard.

Video is getting really popular nowadays and that is why Vlogging appears. This website is a perfect example of awesome targeting as it highly targets video bloggers who are looking for any kind of equipment for video making.

Their amount of unique monthly visitors is 127,500 and their high traffic keywords are cheap cameras for YouTube, best vlogging camera, YouTube microphone.


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