How to become a professional in writing advertising texts?

Any complex work can be decomposed into simple components. Writing an advertising text is no exception. If you drop a lot of nuances of compiling advertising texts, we will have a simple task: advertising text must promote sales. And how to achieve this goal? We will tell you right away.

Writing advertising texts…

What do you want from advertising?

Creation of advertising text begins with comprehension of the task. Actually, what does the customer need? For example, the advertising text on the site should facilitate the visitor’s transition to the order form, and should be advertising qualities of the goods – the movement of the goods in the basket. If we are talking about an advertising article in print media, then the result we need is a call from the readers to the company. There are situations, when advertising should simply inform people about a new product or service, explaining them its advantages without the purpose of selling at the moment.

For example, recently I was faced with the task of writing an advertising text for the Internet atelier of shirts. The essence of the service is that the customer can choose the shirt design directly on the site, enter their sizes and get the finished product by post after payment. The service is new, unusual, therefore before advertising one task was set – to tell potential customers about the existence of such a service and its advantages.

  Advertisement as a source of information

So before you write an advertising text, think – what do you need? Going to a specific section on the site, calling to the company, ordering or you need the reader to take some other actions? It seems to be a trivial, obviously, but how many sites do you know, where the advertising texts do not contain a link to the order form or the phone of the company?

Structure of advertising text

How to make your buyers act?

The second stage of creating advertising texts is to find the answer to the question: how to achieve the desired action from the reader? To do this, you need to collect information about the product or service that you are advertising, find competitive advantages and correctly describe them in the text. A professional copywriter will always find an interesting form for writing an advertising text.

For example, the advertisement of consumer goods is often built according to the scheme: “Problem – solution is the result” when at the beginning of the advertising text there describes some problem that people face, then the solution is described, and the article ends with a description of the competitive advantages of the advertised product and contacts of the structure, where you can buy it.

You can attract customers’ attention by describing various stories in advertising or by choosing an unusual tone for creating an advertising text. You can see an example of commercial proposal posted in a blog. You can evaluate its effectiveness by at least the number of comments left – as is known, if the text does not cause a reaction, it simply does not .

  Advertising as a Mobile App Monetization Model

Dialogues work pretty good for advertising texts. If they are written sincerely and make the reader believe in their truthfulness. Making an advertising text with dialogues is an art.

What title is needed for the advertising text?

The third stage in the compilation of advertising texts is coming up with a good title. It should accurately reflect the essence of your proposal, be interesting and attract the attention of the target audience. It is not necessary to make a short headline – long ones do not work worse if they are written professionally. It is desirable to test headings, since the effectiveness of advertising as a whole largely depends on them. On the Internet, this is quite easy: change the headers every two weeks and evaluate the results. The headline, which will give more sales, must be seen on a website.

Verification of advertising text

And finally one more useful tip: having written an advertising text, put it aside and return to it again the next day. Imagine yourself in the place of a potential client, look at the text and answer yourself to the question, only honestly: what action would you take after reading this advertisement? If it’s exactly what you need to get from readers – means you have done a good job. Otherwise, the text needs to be redone.


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