List of the best CommentLuv Blogs 2019

CommentLuv blogs might not be the most trustworthy blogs nowadays but they are still a very good source of building backlink through blog commenting. You can’t find any official data on high PR websites to get comment backlinks but you can look for high DA or domain authority blogs.

So here is a list of genuine websites, where the CommentLuv plugin (by the way it’s a WordPress plugin, which enables lots of amazing features) is active so that by writing high quality content you can get a backlink to the internal pages of your website.

You basically can get a backlink to any post if you write a comment in any CommentLuv blog. However, to boost your ranking you need dofollow backlinks from a quality website but only a few CommentLuv blogs still give you dofollow backlink. You also might face some troubles when trying to fetch your latest blog post using the CommentLuv plugin.

As a blogger, should I install the CommentLuv plugin?

There are definitely both advantages and disadvantages of installing CommentLuv plugin so it’s up to you to decide whether you want it or not. There are many more advanced plugins available nowadays and CommentLuv isn’t releasing any new updates. On the other hand, this plugin can attract more comments on your blog, making the engagement numbers higher. There are still a lot of people who use CommentLuv too so it will work.

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Blog commenting can be beneficial for you as a great start for promoting your blog, as you easily get connected with others. If you are able to write a good comment it can allow you to get more traffic for your website.

So how to write a good CommentLuv comment which will lead to the referral traffic?

  • Blog commenting should be consistent. Write a couple good comments every day.
  • Comment on the most popular articles.
  • Make your comment high quality, meaning you should actually read an article and deliver good points.
  • Try linking the latest posts.
  • Work with high authority websites, they will ensure you have access to the right audience, who will also trust your content too.

Updated list of “do-follow” CommentLuv blogs:


Hope you found what you were looking for and this information will help you boost your blog engagements. Be sure to follow all the advice given before and make your blog commenting a gradual and consistent process.


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