3 best online course platforms

What is an online course platform?

Online course platforms, or online learning platforms, are websites that allow people to take classes online and at the same time allow others to create their own custom courses and make money selling those courses. Instructors can use the platforms to create content in the form of video, audio, text and images. They can also create different types of assignments like exercises, exams, quizzes and more. There are lots of different online course platforms out there but what makes a platform good? If you are an instructor, you need to choose a smooth-running platform where you can focus on creating content and not on solving technical issues. Here is our list of the best online learning platforms for educators.

  1. Thinkfic

Thinkfic allows you to focus your efforts entirely on educating with its intuitive, user-friendly design, great customer support, built-in marketing tools and more. The platform offers a free trial of their Pro plan for 1 month, which means you can create as many courses as you want, create different course bundles, variable pricing, use marketing tools and more.

  1. Teachable online course platform

Teachable is probably the best online course platform for beginner instructors. There are several plans you can choose from. The cheapest one is the free plan where you don’t have to pay for the membership, but every transaction comes with a 1.10 dollar fee. The paid plans range from 29 dollars/month to 399 dollars/month, but we recommend using their Professional Plan, which costs 79 dollars a month, as it doesn’t have any transaction fees and offers lots of fun features like completion certificates for your students and graded quizzes.

  1. Learnworlds
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Learnworlds is an awesome online learning platform that gives you lots of flexibility as an educator while giving you all the tools you need to create a great course.When you start creating a course on this platform you are first prompted to create a landing and marketing pages using lots of beautiful responsive templates. Once you’re done with that, you can use their course catalog templates to fill them out with your content. You can even create complex exercises like online tests, interactive video lessons and more.


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