Why does your brand need community manager

Our world is moving towards simplifying every its aspect by creating new cogwheels for the mechanism. They help the mechanism work more stable and be able to face a larger amount of tasks. Because of this, such profession as the community manager appeared. But why would you need them? Are they really efficient? Well, this article will help you to find out.

Who is community manager

The name Community Manager is commonly used for positions that involve managing online communities. Often they are associated with some brand, area of interest or organization.

But recently, I have increasingly come across this term in relation to offline communities and not only.

Are his duties similar to SMM manager

Usually, people can confuse them with SMM managers. Yes, from the first sight they might look similar, but they are not. Also, people don’t realize what community actually is. And the definition of community will tell you more about community manager and why he’s not a SMM manager.

I really like the definition that community is a group of individuals who share a mutual concern for one another’s welfare. This means that having the same interests in a topic, a brand, a hobby does not make a community of your clients or participants in events. The main difference is mutual interest in each other’s success and well-being.

Importance of Community Manager

But why is he so important for your brand? Well, in many organizations, working with the community is an activity whose main goal is to increase loyalty, study your audience, create brand advocates, retain customers and more.

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In this case, the community is the main activity. Community manager brings together top officials for communication, development and cooperation. His role is to moderate the interaction of community members: acquaintance, integration, communication, exchange of experience, maintain rituals and traditions, stimulate cooperation, implement and improve formats and infrastructure.

What are his duties

Different brands require different duties from community manage, however, mostly, his main tasks are to new members and their involvement in the community, as well as moderation of communication, news reporting, program development, content creation, organization of meetings and events, infrastructure maintenance

How to find out the efficiency of community manager

CMs have to be able to deal with different kinds of problems and tasks. The most popular ones are:

  • Fundamentally understand the industry and the specifics of the company. Have an appropriate education.
  • Be a good communicator and have your own social base.
  • He has to know your brand and to use your product for a long time.
  • Have an objective opinion about the quality, properties, characteristics of the product.
  • Being erudite enough.
  • Putting a brand in the first place, in the second – your own ego. That is, if a specialist has an overestimated self-esteem, unhealthy ambitions, it may happen that his persona becomes more popular than your brand.
  • This work requires a lot of time. You have to be ready to work 24/7
  • To be able to run different PR-strategies.
  • He needs to understand people and to be a good psychologist
  • Knowing one and more foreign language. Skills of copywriter will definitely serve as his advantage.

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