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Adtech vs. martech

You may have heard the terms Martech (marketing technology) and Adtech (advertising technology) before but do you know what the differences between the two are? This article will help you understand all the similarities and differences between adtech and martech.

How to buy media?

What is media buying in advertising?

Data Management Platforms

Just a few decades ago marketers complained that there wasn’t enough data about marketing campaigns, which would allow them to understand consumer preferences and develop better marketing strategies. Today, the situation is quite the opposite – there is way too much data available and now, there is a new problem – there aren’t many specialists who can analyze this data and make recommendations based on it. However, there is a solution – DMPs, or digital management platforms.

Should I use an agency trading desk?

If you work in marketing or run a small business, you’ve probably heard about agency trading desks and wondered if you should consider working with them. In this article, we will tell you all about agency trading desks, their pros and cons, and whether you should consider outsourcing your marketing to them.

How to monetize your app in 2019 - simple ideas available for professionals and beginners as well

How to Monetize your Mobile App in 2019

You might have already finished with your app creation or just thinking over your idea. We offer to think about one more thing – how to monetize an app. i.e. to get some extra money as a passive income. The variety of options is really huge, now we are going to focus on the key ones. Here we go!

What is an Ad Exchange?

Ad exchanges are special digital platforms where publishers and advertisers find each other to trade display, native and video ads with the help of real-time bidding technology.

What is media buying?

Media buying implies a set of strategies that aim to find the most advantageous placement for the ads at the lowest price. It’s important for a media buyer to find the right place, time and context to deliver the most efficient advertisement that would be relevant to the targeted audience and will increase conversion rates. Media buying is time-based, which means that the buyer pays for renting all possible placements across all possible networks that must be available when it’s convenient for buyers to place the ad. Here is everything you need to know about programmatic media buying.

What is Direct Response Marketing?

Direct response marketing stands for a type of sales technique that aims to receive an on-the-spot response, encouraging a customer to take action from the advertiser’s offer right immediately. They usually deliver a call-to-action type of ads and advertisers are able to measure the results of the campaign almost immediately after its start.

What is an Ad Server?

Apart from the key components of programmatic ad systems – DSPs and SSPs – there are smaller pieces of the massive puzzle – ad servers. Although their input into the advertisement campaign is barely noticeable, they are very important for its proper functioning.