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What Is A Mobile SDK?

What Is A Mobile SDK?

Developers need to be careful when choosing a SDK integration to avoid unintended consequences. What is mobile SDK? Specialists of mobile app SDK showed that most consumers use a combination of PC/smartphone/tablet to access store sites via SDK advertising. The same transition from the traditional methods of interaction (paper mail and telephone) to the web, as we observed in the 90s, we are seeing now, only everything goes to the SDK mobile from the web.

Advantages of programmatic in mobile advertising

Advantages of programmatic in mobile advertising

Word “programmatic” in marketing is a kind of GMO for general public: everybody faced this notion, but not so many people really understand what it is about. So, well, it is high time to lay the cards on the table and see what the buzz is around.

Main idea of this approach is to show personified ads which were chosen by method of auction. During the page loading programmatic platforms hold the biddings. In a result a user will see that one with the highest bet.

How to create a custom email? An easy guide

Nowadays email is one of the most effective tools when it comes to business interactions. Email marketing is found to be 40 times as effective as Facebook and Twitter combined. As email lets you instantaneously share information, it is an essential tool for communicating with coworkers, attracting new customers and sharing marketing information. Everyone one has an email but what about having a custom email?

5 best grammar checker tools for bloggers and writers

Even famous writers need a grammar checker. They hire proofreaders and editors to do it for them but if you are on a low budget there is number of apps and websites to help you proofread your writing, as you need your content to be flawless to be taken seriously.

Tumblr vs. WordPress for a beginner blogger

So you finally decided to start a blog and are now looking for the right platform to do so. You have even probably done your research and know about different bloggers’ destinations. This article is mostly going to focus on two resources: Tumblr and WordPress. So if you are after either of them, you’ve come to the right place.

How to remove the “shadow ban” from your account in Instagram?

Shadow Ban is a sharp decline in views on Instagram. Formally, everything is fine with the account: posts are published, subscribers are in place. But in fact, engagement and other metrics fall twice or even more.

How to reward your subscribers for likes?

As a marketer, of course, it may seem to you that everything is going only in the direction away from you – great blog articles, witty tweets, latest news, special offers, promotions. Sometimes, you even think that you give a piece of your soul to your followers and subscribers.

How to Make and Run Sponsored Posts on Instagram. Step-by-Step Instructions

Targeted advertising on Instagram is one of the most powerful tools to help you do it. Moreover, in many areas of business, it has become the main source of profit.

Digital marketing agencies for brand promotion

On the modern market, brand promotion with the formation of a positive attitude towards it by consumers is a very important element of the company’s success, besides the marketing research itself for introducing new products. If customers are convinced of the quality of the product, satisfied with the service, confident that their opinion is considered, then they will become regular customers of the company for many years.

Naming as one of the key tasks of modern marketing agency

Any good company that seeks to conquer the sales market should have a suitable name that can immediately tell what exactly the company is doing and what services it offers to its customers. Therefore, brand naming is very important and it is necessary to approach its choice with full responsibility.