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Digital marketing agencies for brand promotion

On the modern market, brand promotion with the formation of a positive attitude towards it by consumers is a very important element of the company’s success, besides the marketing research itself for introducing new products. If customers are convinced of the quality of the product, satisfied with the service, confident that their opinion is considered, then they will become regular customers of the company for many years.

Naming as one of the key tasks of modern marketing agency

Any good company that seeks to conquer the sales market should have a suitable name that can immediately tell what exactly the company is doing and what services it offers to its customers. Therefore, brand naming is very important and it is necessary to approach its choice with full responsibility.

Consumer Product Marketing Research

In the modern world marketing research is of great value. And this value only increases. On the one hand, this growth can be explained by the transition from local marketing, which was limited by state borders, to a more global one.

Digital marketing agency strategies for effective PR campaigns

Strategy and tactics of PR campaign are the main secret of its success. That is why it is difficult to imagine that any successful digital marketing agency would be able to run without them.

Absolute Leaders of Effective Online Advertising Strategies

Advertising business is never standing still. It’s a living organism, that’s growing, developing and moving forward with each bright thought or insight of the creative teams all over the world. In order to run the business successfully one should choose the best strategies to advertise the product (service). But don’t forget, that success is always 90% of a hard work. There’s no magic; the promotion that works is all about your efforts.

Targeted advertisement and its types

Targeted advertising is advertising aimed at the target audience, which corresponds to a certain set of requirements set by the advertiser. It is shown to the target audience regardless of whether people are looking for this product now or not. Future customers may not even know about the product, but this group of people is potentially interesting. So, these people are interesting to you.

What should advertisers know about IGTW?

All official targeted advertising in Instagram is via Facebook. In this case, you do not even need to have an account in Instagram, but the account in Facebook and the official page for your business – it is necessary.

Changes in digital marketing advertising sector

In this article we will share with you the opinions of leaders of the market on the changes that happened in the sector of digital advertising in the past five years – increasing the budget for advertising, streaming videos, social networks ecommerce and many other factors.

Push notification advertisements

2018 has shown itself as a perfect year for advertisement through push notifications. More and more ads are now delivered by this means of advertisement – big and small sectors, brands and goods are using this tool more and more. Push notifications are clickable messages that arrive to the subscribed users to their desktop screens of mobile devices and PCs.

How to use advertising budget more effectively?

The results of certain marketing research indicate that up to 40% of marketing budget gets lost due to scheme artists

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