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RTB and Programmatic

Programmatic buying is the ads buying automation and optimization. In general terms, the programmatic-scheme carries out the following things: (1) buys online (2) the separate impressions of the digital ads (3) on the RTB ads exchange (4) by virtue of the automated computer systems (5), that improves the targeting a lot.

RTB advertising: the opportunities and special characteristics

RTB advertising means the ample opportunities for the customer acquisition and the increasing of their engagement.

rtb dsp ssp advertising

RTB, DSP, SSP: let’s tend to the terms

RTB (Real Time Bidding) is the technology of advertising buy/sell via the auctions. Three pivots act in this system.

RTB online advertising: how it works

The digital ads placed via the RTB systems allows you to carry out the variety of impressions of ads and banners for the best price, reducing the bidding time and the process of negotiation with the owners of the advertising platforms. This is realized by the following algorithm.

RTB mobile advertising

The RTB mobile advertising

The mobile advertising is the rapid-growing advertising medium allowing embracing the active audience. It is the best way to find the user then and there, when he fully concentrated his attention on the mobile device. The mobile advertising solidifies the image of the company, informs about the users about the sales promotions and increases the penetration of the general media campaign.

RTB ad server

Ad Server is the advertising server, technological service or the software for ads direct placement on the web-sites. The ad server provides the promotional materials broadcasting to the publisher’s site, counts the impressions and clicks number having like other elements of RTB ecosystem the instruments for the campaign optimization.

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