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What is the Difference Between an API and an SDK?

What is the Difference Between an API and an SDK

Work area of modern developers is filled with different tools and equipment. SDK and API are probably the most central one. However, the problem is that their understanding and purpose is quite difficult to explain, especially if you are far from IT industry or just partially connected with it.

In this article we will deal with both of these notions and try to give the most comprehensive representation of their importance for developers and what can be done to make the whole process of work more convenient for app makers.

How to sell on Amazon

Probably everyone has heard of Amazon. It is the biggest e-commerce market. I bet you have at least one product bought from Amazon. It’s the biggest US e-commerce market with 2.5 billion shoppers a month. Amazon system is pretty easy. They have sellers in different points of the world, who have their sellers accounts and post their products. And then Amazon is responsible for shipping those products to customers.

How to make money on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms in the world. Five billion videos are watched there everyday with an average user spending around 40 minutes per session. A lot of people use YouTube as an advertising platform and a lot of people make money on posting content on this social media platform.

How to make a living blogging

If you google “How to make money online?” one piece of advice that comes up in almost every single article is starting a blog. Starting a blog today is easier than ever before since so many platforms have free hosting and templates, allowing you to create a website in minutes.

3 ways to create passive income with no money

Earning enough passive income that you don’t have to work unless you actually want to seems like a dream to many people. And it is a dream, but it is more attainable than you think. A few decades ago you would have to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to start making money through passive income. However, today things are much easier. Of course, if you can go into traditional investment and make money off your savings, you can still do it. But if you don’t have a large capital to start with, there are still many ways to make money passively. Check out our ideas below.

List of the best CommentLuv Blogs 2019

CommentLuv blogs might not be the most trustworthy blogs nowadays but they are still a very good source of building backlink through blog commenting. You can’t find any official data on high PR websites to get comment backlinks but you can look for high DA or domain authority blogs.

3 best online course platforms

What is an online course platform?

5 Best Free Blogging Sites 2019

When you are just about to start blogging you don’t want to spend a fortune at the very beginning. That’s why people tend to choose free blogging platforms, the ones we are going to talk about in this article.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers

Google AdSense is an awesome service that helps you monetize your blog by placing advertisements on your page. It’s a complicated process to get an AdSense approval so you might want to choose an alternative service, and here are some options. Although AdSense is great and works with CPC ads, it is no more the only way to make money on your website. There are lots of other better ways and services.

What is real-time bidding

What is real-time bidding

RTB (real-time bidding) is a technology for purchasing display ad shows as a part of an online auction of the second price in real time. Real-time definition is primarily not the purchase of places for the placement of creative ads but at the purchase of the shows of these to target users. That’s what real time meaning is.

What is RTB? RTB is one of the ways to purchase advertising within the programmatic platform. Obviously, not all programmatic platforms use RTB. Some automated advertising platforms allow publishers to sell advertising inventory directly through Programmatic Direct not using an auction.