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What is real-time bidding

What is real-time bidding

RTB (real-time bidding) is a technology for purchasing display ad shows as a part of an online auction of the second price in real time. Real-time definition is primarily not the purchase of places for the placement of creative ads but at the purchase of the shows of these to target users. That’s what real time meaning is.

What is RTB? RTB is one of the ways to purchase advertising within the programmatic platform. Obviously, not all programmatic platforms use RTB. Some automated advertising platforms allow publishers to sell advertising inventory directly through Programmatic Direct not using an auction.

What is native advertising

What is native advertising

Native Ads platforms are ads that fit as closely as possible into the content of the web page on which they are placed. As a result, the native advertising definition includes advertisement that is relevant, is in the interests of users and therefore causes less rejection from the target audience.

The native ad networks include:

  • Sponsorship posts

  • Widgets

  • Promoted videos

  • Other branded content.

You can meet this type of advertising on almost any native ads network – news, entertainment, video portals, and others. Social networks are also actively adapting this format: native definition can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

5 best survey sites in India

Any person can go online and complete a specially created questionnaire . Online surveys usually look like web forms with the database to carry all the saved answers and provide statistics and analysis of gathered data. Sometimes you can get a prize or take part in lottery upon completing a full online survey.

6 Top Download Manager Extensions for Google Chrome

Nowadays, Google Chrome is the most used and the fastest browser. However, it’s downloading speed might not always be the best you can hope for. The downloads often fail and you have to redownload things again. Here is when a Chrome download manager extension will come in handy. It will increase the speed and reduce the amount of failed downloads. Here are the best free download manager extensions.

6 best Facebook ads spy tools

When starting an advertising campaign for your business you should definitely do some research. One type of research you might considering is to check on what your competitors are doing. There are some tools to help you spy on other companies advertising campaigns on Facebook so you can then implement their strategies in your favor.

11 best paid URL shorteners

There are many online ways to make money, one of them is to shorten URLs. There are some special services that can help you find the URLs online and shorten them. You will then have to post the shortened links for the wide audience to see and get money per clicks. So here is the list of the best URLs shortening programs.

What are white papers in marketing

What are white papers in marketing

If you ask 10 marketers about what are white papers in marketing, you will receive 10 different answers. The shortest definition of what a white paper report is, was given by an expert in the field of white books, Gordon Gram. According to him, ‘the white paper advertising is a small, compelling guide ordered by an organization as a part of marketing content’.

List of Online Video Ad Types and Formats

Video ads format

There are several video formats that can be placed through the programmatic platform:

  • pre-roll – video ads when the user sees the commercial before the start of the requested video or game’s round. For example, he clicks on the video, and before this video, he is shown a short promotional video about something (it might be connected thematically to the video or not)

How to create an effective mobile ad campaign

To make any advertising campaign successful – make it creative. You need people to engage with it and pay attention to what you are trying to say. While it is clear how to be creative when working with older formats like print and television, mobile in-app advertising is something new and not explored yet. So how can you make your in-app advertising a success?