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What is media buying?

Media buying implies a set of strategies that aim to find the most advantageous placement for the ads at the lowest price. It’s important for a media buyer to find the right place, time and context to deliver the most efficient advertisement that would be relevant to the targeted audience and will increase conversion rates. Media buying is time-based, which means that the buyer pays for renting all possible placements across all possible networks that must be available when it’s convenient for buyers to place the ad. Here is everything you need to know about programmatic media buying.

What is Direct Response Marketing?

Direct response marketing stands for a type of sales technique that aims to receive an on-the-spot response, encouraging a customer to take action from the advertiser’s offer right immediately. They usually deliver a call-to-action type of ads and advertisers are able to measure the results of the campaign almost immediately after its start.

What is an Ad Server?

Apart from the key components of programmatic ad systems – DSPs and SSPs – there are smaller pieces of the massive puzzle – ad servers. Although their input into the advertisement campaign is barely noticeable, they are very important for its proper functioning.

What is programmatic TV?

Nobody expected this but online programmatic advertising is now available for TV. Unlike the popular belief, TV hasn’t died but instead it evolved. People still watch their favorite TV shows with the only difference that now they can turn them at any time, anywhere, on any device. The TV market, thus, had to change dramatically, adapting to this new approach. With the introduction of programmatic TV advertising participants will have to reinvent the price formation and ad placement.

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The list of top profession has suffered changes for last two decades. Children of the mid in 20-eis century wanted to be doctors, pilots and directors. Today’s children, due to technology revolution, according to the situation around want to become bloggers.

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7 tips that will change your Facebook live video game forever

Facebook live video is arguably the most engaging type of content on the platform – more people interact with live videos than with any other type of media. Live videos are also a great tool for boosting the number of orders that your customers place, as well as for improving brand loyalty. So how can you improve your live videos to be even more engaging? Here are a few tricks.

How to go live on a laptop on Facebook?

Facebook Live in an awesome feature that gives you an opportunity to broadcast real-time video on your business page to entertain your subscribers. In the past, Facebook live video feature was only available on smartphones, but now you can actually broadcast live videos on Facebook using your desktop computer or laptop. This is great news if you often record live video conferences, tutorials and other forms of videos for your customers while at the office. Plus, being able to record live FB videos on your laptop eliminates the need to buy a tripod!