Changes in digital marketing advertising sector

In this article we will share with you the opinions of leaders of the market on the changes that happened in the sector of digital advertising in the past five years – increasing the budget for advertising, streaming videos, social networks ecommerce and many other factors.

What are the changes on the market of digital advertising?

  • Digital marketing started having a lot more people who didn’t work in this field before. Many of those who have been producing traditional content, started including it in their plans, supplying with additional external and TV advertisement. On the one hand, the amount of digital advertisement is too high now, but on the other hand, it doesn’t use the title of ‘new media’ anymore. On the other hand, most of the clients are interested in new non-standard mechanics, technologies and experiments.
  • In the past years the number of mobile devices has increased, and it has become clear that the share of mobile traffic is much higher than desktop.
  • In the recent years the market has shifted its focus on mobile advertisements.
  • Mass involvement in social media: lead generation, native advertisement, apps advertisement.
  • Mass advertisement in messengers.
  • Real using of information on the users. There have been many cases when big companies were selling the data about their users.
  • Possibilities of extended analytics, using many instruments of specialists.
  • Increased possibilities for analytics, introduction of instruments for specialists.
  • Widening of possibilities and formats for advertisement: video formats, banners, images.
  • Introduction of optimization and automatization. Normal bidders is contextual advertisement have become full services for automatization of ads, which can deal not only with statistics and budget, but also with landing page and conversion.
  • The role of high quality content in the purposes of marketing has increased.
  • Now services started having a great amount of data on the users. The amount of personalized advertising and advertising with geo locations have increased, and it doesn’t surprise the users any longer.
  • The amount of ecommerce in social networks and messengers has increased.
  • Also, promotion of groups in networks and their role in website conversion turned out to be not so significant as they promised.
  • SEO optimization is still on top of effectiveness as a tool of website promotion.
  • Big data are not a myth any more, and they are actively used in Google, Yandex. And social networks.
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What do marketing experts say about the upcoming changes at the market of advertisement in the next 5 years?

  • Marketing experts tell that the changes in the field of digital advertisement will be all linked with the audience and means of finding it.
  • The other change will be linked with the infrastructure of messengers, networks and applications. They will provide conditions for market development. The market of digital advertising will become multichannel.
  • The market will be adjusted for the users of the social networks and will learn to work with them. Bigger online platforms will develop the possibility for processing leads – only these structures know how to deal with their audience.
  • Analytical questions will be solved by means of business intelligence.
  • Social networks will apply more restrictions on Facebook advertisements and the rules of working with it.
  • More and more technologies of augmented reality will be used in digital advertising sector.
  • There will be more cases with visual content, produced by means of artificial intelligence. Using of new technologies will have its effects on the price of such advertisement.
  • Digital marketing will become no much different from interactive videos.
  • There will be more instruments and services based on the technologies of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Content will become more dynamic – personalization, sound, video and augmented reality.
  • Most of the consumption will be through mobile devices: smartphones, tablets and other devices.

As we see, there the sphere of digital advertisement has made a great leap in these past 5 years, and a bigger leap is expected in the following five years. Those who want their products advertised effectively, need to stay sharp, up-to-date and innovative. Good luck for that!


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