Classic arts in advertising campaigns

Advertising, undoubtedly, is one of the most important intermediate points on the way of the product from producer to consumer. The advertising field is very much in demand today, because the truth is that advertising is the engine of progress, and in our case, trade, and it still does not give up its positions.

Day after day, something new appears. If you recall the standard commercial, which was popular on TVs eight or ten years ago, it becomes clear what we are talking about. Earlier, the banal picture and the voice of the announcer were enough to draw the attention of the population to a certain advertising product. Namely, at that time it was the main task of advertising. Psychological effects of advertising and so on were not studied yet. There was no concept of hidden advertising, when, for example, a main hero of the movie lights a cigarette of the brand “X”.

So, gradually, the standard message behind the advertised product began to join the musical accompaniment, choreography, art objects. TV commercials began to shoot famous people, trying to increase people’s trust in a particular product or service making use of their fame. Thus, advertising itself has become something of a synthetic art form. It unites and combines many different directions and spheres of human activities.

Why is advertising so quickly and comprehensively developing today? We can advertise a certain brand like a polar bear, and a picture of a famous artist? And everything is very simple. One of the main objectives of advertising is to awake sympathy first, and then the confidence of a person.

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Classic arts in advertising

The use of art in advertising also has some psychological overtones that are difficult to catch. The fact is that old and ever-popular classical music, which has long become the standard of the music world – all this in the subconscious of people is linked with something reliable and qualitative. After all, you agree, the music of Bach or Glinka, the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, the statue of Venus of Milo are already an indisputable brand that for centuries defended the right to be a masterpiece. Therefore, these art objects have a special effect on people. And the product, which will certainly shine in the rays of the glory of such a world masterpiece, automatically acquires common features with it. Such advertising makes a greater impression on people. Imagine a musician or a person at least a little versed in the music that sits near the TV and quietly waits until the commercials are replaced by a transfer or a film. And then they hear some familiar, and maybe one of the most favorite tunes, in the advertising of cookies. There is no doubt that this person will pay attention to this ad. For sure, he or she will try to remember from which work the music is taken, who the composer is. And, of course, they will make sure to remember this particular advertisement. And this is exactly what advertisers need.

Classic arts and its efficiency in advertising

According to unofficial data, successful brands spend about half of the profit on it. But not every company can afford such expenditures all at once. That’s where the search begins for how can you save on advertisement, in a way that the quality is not affected. In this case, classic works of art are very handy. After all, if you use classic music, then a number of problems are solved. You do not need to look for a composer, pay a big sum of money, wait until he or she writes a suitable track. Also, there is no need to involve performers, again to pay for recording in the studio and. Thus, more of your money and nerves are saved, and the produced advertising product does not suffer from these actions. And if you add psychological and mystical aspects, then the picture you get looks very good.

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So, if you ask yourself if works of art are worth using in the field of advertising, the answer is clear. This process is just another little trick of the world of the advertising business, which not only saves money, but also positively influences the quality of the commercial, posters, banners or other products.


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