Consumer Product Marketing Research

In the modern world marketing research is of great value. And this value only increases. On the one hand, this growth can be explained by the transition from local marketing, which was limited by state borders, to a more global one.

On the other hand, as technology improves and markets evolve, each consumer now has more options when choosing products that will fully satisfy his needs. Access to a large amount of information makes them much more discriminating. And in this situation it is very difficult to predict what the reaction of the buyers to this or that type of product will be. This situation will help a large amount of marketing information.

Consumer research

This direction of marketing research will allow you to determine the whole complex of motivating factors that the consumer is currently applying when choosing a particular product. This includes: income, education, social status, and gender and age structure. Such a marketing study of consumers will identify and segment consumers, simulate their behavior in the current market for goods, determine the forecast of expected demand, as well as the choice of target sections of the market.

Consumer research is an analysis of their purchases and services, which they most often use. This is determined by their personal qualities, age, nature of work, position in society and needs. The structure of consumption, the supply of goods to the population, trends in demand for purchases, analysis of processes that are able to satisfy all the needs of the final consumer are the subject of marketing research for consumers.

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The objects of study are consumer organizations, individual consumers, households and families.

Results of the consumer market research

Forecasts of its development, identification of key factors that will lead to success, as well as assessment of market trends.

Determining the ways that will be most effective in order to be able to implement a competitive policy in the market, with a promising opportunity to enter new markets.

Separation of markets: identification of market niches and target markets.

The psychological factor plays a very important role in the marketing research of product consumers. It has a very significant impact on each end user. This includes the perception of various types of products, the attitude of people to a particular brand, motivation, as well as the memorization of information about products.

Also, marketing research allows you to determine their needs, tastes and preferences. Through the study of tastes, it is possible to recognize the propensity of people to trademarks and determine addiction. This will help create a portrait of a potential consumer.

What does product marketing research include?

  • Knowledge of the basic characteristics of products.
  • The concept of the brand.
  • Detection of needs that are unsatisfactory.
  • Identify whether consumers adhere to any one brand.
  • Whether people use analogues of a particular brand.
  • What are the associations with consumers with the brand.

Every organization is simply obliged to know all the needs of its customers. This information will allow the company to very easily develop an advertising campaign, plus to find new customers.

Portrait of a potential buyer

It is compiled by studying the society itself, what psychological and social preferences are present in it. For example, if you can know for sure that the buyers of your products will be people of retirement age, then you can with maximum accuracy an advertising campaign that will be focused exclusively on this consumer audience, choose the type, shape and design of the product itself.

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In addition to all this, marketing research will allow each organization to study the relationship that exists between competing firms, their attitude to a particular brand or product, and whether the needs of all customers are satisfied.

Marketers and sociologists are engaged in such research. Their work is based on determining the most basic factors that may affect the choice of goods, as well as to identify on the basis of what the decision is made to buy a certain type of product. Such marketing research of consumers can improve the product, but also its sales and ongoing promotions.

All marketers divide people into separate groups that have similar needs, motivation and needs for making a purchase. They conduct a survey of customers, the results of which determine their preferences and behavior, volume and place of purchase.

The consumer is the most important driving force of the market itself. That is why it is very important to conduct such research, identify and satisfy any needs of potential buyers. The success of each company directly depends on this factor. At the “Advertising” exhibition you will be able to learn in more detail how to properly carry out marketing research of product consumers.

To help you come true professionals in their field. At this exhibition, held in the Expocentre Fairgrounds, the most relevant topics and practical developments will be considered.

“Advertising” is targeted marketing that will inform all national and international specialists throughout the whole year.


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