Digital, Creative and Traditional Advertising Agencies

When you are looking for your perfect agency, it’s often hard to understand what is best – Digital Agency, Creative or Traditional one? Well, they seem to be having the same goals and the same idea. But when it comes to Traditional Creative agencies, the difference is in the fact that they cannot deliver product by themselves. They usually have to hire someone else from the side to realize their idea. So what are the principal differences between these structures?

Creative Agencies

Creative agencies specialize in producing creative ideas and solutions for the product that needs to be advertised. Creative agencies are important, because creative processes are the most important part of advertisement. The role of creative agencies in advertising industry is high, since the effectiveness of the impact of the creative advertising depends on the professionalism and talent of their specialists. It is they who generate the ideas of advertising circulation and find the final options for their realization.

One of the main reasons Creative agencies have work is that businesses often need creative marketing help, but don’t have the budget to hire marketing or digital agency.

When the creative agency team develops idea and strategy, they forward it to marketing agencies, and they finalize the process together. It might sound complicated, but very often it turns out to be cheaper and faster for the businesses.

What are strongest points of Creative Advertising Agencies?

  • Design
  • Visual content
  • They don’t have marketing strategy, but they have their creative team
  • Saves your business money
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Digital agencies

Digital agencies can offer comprehensive services and solutions. They are capable of providing everything you might need. For example, digital marketing service, such as search engine optimization, social marketing, redesigning and developing websites.

Some of the main services they sell are:

  • Digital Knowledge and experience
  • Creative advices
  • Organizational skills

While looking for an advertising agency, mind that not all of them can deliver the services they promise. Sometimes businesses hire agencies because they want someone else to do the job for them, and want to transfer these responsibilities to other agencies. But no one carries the responsibility, except for the business itself. Business has to carefully choose whom to work with, and to whom it gives the money. When business is deciding whether to hire an agency, it should think of the following factors:

  • What solution does it offer?
  • How much will the solution cost?
  • What would be the results?

Probably, the option of digital agency sounds to be more profitable in sense of how much it pays off. No doubt, the importance of creative design is tremendous at the same time.


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