6 Top Download Manager Extensions for Google Chrome

Nowadays, Google Chrome is the most used and the fastest browser. However, it’s downloading speed might not always be the best you can hope for. The downloads often fail and you have to redownload things again. Here is when a Chrome download manager extension will come in handy. It will increase the speed and reduce the amount of failed downloads. Here are the best free download manager extensions.

Chrono Download Manager

Best download manager for Chrome is Chrono, giving you the most control over downloads. It has Multi-Threaded support like IDM to download a file via multiple streams, so that the download speed increases. It also allows you to rename the files before downloading for your convenience. Right click on any link and go to “Select the Download Link” to open menu. Chrono Download Manager will automatically replace Chrome Default Download Manager.

Turbo Download Manager

Another Chrome Download Manager is Turbo Download Manager. It is definitely more powerful than Chrome default Download Manager but it lacks some user-friendliness. It has a console log and Multi-threading support, if something gets stuck it will automatically start re-downloading. However, it will not start downloading any link on its own – only the ones you choose. It works really great for downloading big files because it has a unique quality to let Chrome shutdown.

Chrome Download Manager

Chrome Download Manager Extension increases both the speed and the functionality. It lets you see your current download in the top side corner, right behind the download button. This way you don’t have to go all the way to download page so it really saves your time.

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Download Manager

Download Manager is a powerful downloading tool for your Google Chrome browser. You can pause and play your download, check the amount of time left to get it, receive a notification when the file is downloaded and search for the downloads.

Download’em All

This free chrome download extension – Download’em All – allows you to safely download anything from the Internet. You just need to add your files in “Add Download Section” to easily download files manually. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux OS and you won’t need any third party software.

Flash Video Downloader

Another Download Manager for Chrome is Flash Video Downloader. It can download files from almost any website, including social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So it will definitely save you time of searching the net for the right video format. Just load the web page with the video you want and click on the extension to check the resolution options for the download. Click on the one you need and get that video.

Choose the one that suits your needs the most and get the files from the Internet with the increased speed, quality and extra features.


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