Gif banners or Flash banners for your ads?

When choosing the type of animated banner, we often ask ourselves the question on what to choose. So, let’s look at the two most common types on the Internet – an animated Gif-banner and a Flash-banner.

What are the differences between gif and flash banners?

An animated Gif-banner appeared much earlier than Flash technologies and represents a sequence of raster frames that follow one another. The frame change takes place sequentially, taking into account the delay programmed by each frame. This type of animation is usually used in a non-complex scenario. Smoothness of movements in such a banner can be achieved only due to a number of intermediate frames, which significantly affects the volume of the banner.

Disatvantages of gif banners for ads

The main disadvantage of this type of banner is a large file size, even if you use a non-complex animation script. For example, some banner includes 27 raster frames, which successively replace each other with a delay of 0 seconds, which gives a visual effect of movement. Such an uncomplicated animation and a very small banner format (81X33) gives a file size of 21.8 Kb. It should be noted that this is quite a lot in this format. Of course, you can reduce the number of frames. That, accordingly, will reduce the volume of the banner, but the quality of the animation will suffer significantly. This factor very often forces you to stop using this kind of animation and apply Flash technology. It is especially important with strict limitation in the volume of the banner in the places of its placement, for example, such restrictions have banner networks. Using “bulky” banners significantly increase the load time of the page of the site.

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Why gif banners are good for advertising?

The pros of this type of animated banners, of course, are also quite heavy. For example, the cost of manufacturing of such banners is two, and sometimes more times lower than the one of Flash-banners. Therefore, when using simple scenarios, it is more expedient to use Gif-animation. It should be noted that search engines index such banners better, sometimes they can be found in the section of pictures in search engines. Another advantage is the availability for the user. With the development of the speed of access to the Internet, it is now difficult to meet a user who is currently mot active on Internet, but quite often there are users who don’t update their flash players, and cannot see the ad you were paying for.

Flash banners in advertising

Flash-banner. The boom of Flash technology has opened up the widest opportunities for creators and designers. Flash-banners can include both raster and vector graphics. The combination of two types is most often used. The advantages of this technology can be said for a long time, but we will focus on the main ones, from the point of view of the customer. Flash-banners have a significantly smaller file size compared to other types, which makes it possible to apply a much more complex scenario. In such banners, animation visually looks smooth. The effects in the Flash-banner are much more impressive. From the inside, the banner is built on the principle of layers. On each layer, independent animation can be implemented. The use of vector graphics makes it possible to implement in the banner entire animated stories. Also Flash technology provides the possibility of creating an interactive banner. Such advertising banners are most popular among users. For example, when the mouse cursor hits the banner field, the cursor changes to the sight and the user is asked to hit the target, the person involuntarily starts aiming and shooting, thereby making a transition to the advertised site.

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Disadvantages of Flash banners

In addition to a huge number of pluses, Flash-banner has a fault – the cost of production is much higher than for the animated Gif-banner.

Summarizing the above, we want to note that both types are now actively used in Internet advertising and it’s not correct to say that Gif-animation is already gone, and Flash has replaced it. Each case should be considered individually, assessing the correspondence of a particular type of banner to the specified requirements.


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