How to go live on a laptop on Facebook?

Facebook Live in an awesome feature that gives you an opportunity to broadcast real-time video on your business page to entertain your subscribers. In the past, Facebook live video feature was only available on smartphones, but now you can actually broadcast live videos on Facebook using your desktop computer or laptop. This is great news if you often record live video conferences, tutorials and other forms of videos for your customers while at the office. Plus, being able to record live FB videos on your laptop eliminates the need to buy a tripod!

How to start a live video on Facebook on a laptop?

If you would like to start streaming a Facebook live video from your desktop computer or laptop, simply go to Facebook and go to Home. Next, find the box that says “What’s on your mind?”, it will be located in the upper part of the screen. Once you click on this box, you will be presented with a few different options, including Live Video. Simply choose Live Video and click Next – don’t worry, this won’t take you live just yet. First, you will be given an option to select the privacy setting for your live video and to enter a description for it. Once that’s done, click Go Live and wait for the countdown to be over – the feed from your computer camera will then begin to be broadcast to your Facebook audience. You can talk to your viewers and they can ask you questions and send you comments using the comments box on their screens. Once you’re done with the Facebook live video, simply click Finish to finish your broadcast. You will then see a window that will invite you to save the video. You can do this then and there, or you can exit the window and come back to retrieve your Facebook live video.

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How to download a Facebook live video to my computer?

If you forget to save a live video right after finishing the broadcast, you can always come back and download it to your desktop computer later. Simply open the Facebook business page you used to do the live video and find the video saved in the Videos album. Begin video playback and right-click on the video once it starts playing. Choose Show Video URL from the menu that appears and copy this URL. Next, paste the URL into the address field of your browser and replace https://www with m. – this will allow you to view the mobile version of the same video. You can then right-click the video and choose Save Video As from the menu that appears. Finally, choose to save the video to your laptop or desktop computer as an mp4 video file. Once the file is saved, you can watch it on your computer, upload it to YouTube, Instagram and other platforms and post it on your website.


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