Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers

Google AdSense is an awesome service that helps you monetize your blog by placing advertisements on your page. It’s a complicated process to get an AdSense approval so you might want to choose an alternative service, and here are some options. Although AdSense is great and works with CPC ads, it is no more the only way to make money on your website. There are lots of other better ways and services. AdSense has a lot of drawbacks so even if you were able to get approval from AdSense it doesn’t mean you should close yourself to other options. For example, when using AdSense you have to follow a strict guidelines for your website content, keep a steady high level of traffic and go through the approval process. Plus, your website speed might be slower and it doesn’t work properly in some countries like Pakistan or Bangladesh.

Going with an alternative can make the process easier for you, let you earn more and make the users’ experience on your website better. Advertisements can come in different forms so you can choose the ones you want on your website. (Text & Banner ad alternative to Adsense) is powered by Yahoo! and is awesome for you if a huge part of your traffic is from the USA. It doesn’t have the limitations AdSense has. It doesn’t have such strict policy rules and gives you more freedom. You can use contextual ads, mobile ads, in-content ads, and the minimum payout threshold is $100.

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Amazon Ads (Search & Display ads)

Nowadays Amazon affiliate programs are the largest and most popular. If you have an Amazon affiliate account this is a great option to make money on Amazon Native Shopping Ads advertising programs for you. You can create different recommendation ads, search ads, & custom ads and put the code in your website.

VigLink (Affiliate Links)

This is the biggest affiliate website nowadays. It is great for fashion or lifestyle blogs. When you put VigLink code on your website it will automatically identify all the information about the product. It is very easy to start with and soon you will be monetizing your website.

Infolinks (Text, Search, & Tag ads) alternative to Adsense

With Infolinks you can create in-text advertising and receive income as from pay per click ads. Infolinks offers you many different advertising options and is believed to be one of the biggest competitors for Google AdSense.

BidVertisers (Text & Banner)

BidVertiser let you create different types of ads like native ads, pop under, domain redirect, XML. You don’t have to wait forever to get your account approved as with Google AdSense. It gets approved immediately and you can put a code into your website right away. However, you will still need to have a good level of traffic to start earning.

BuySellAds (Banner Advertiser) Adsense alternative

On this platform advertisers meet publishers and arrange deals. With the help of BuySellAds (BSA) you can make money in different kind of ways as they offer various options of monetization like tweet monetization, app monetization, email monetization, ross monetization and mobile. The downside is that they charge you with a 25% fee.


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