Hashtags in Instagram stories

Why do I need to add hashtags to my Instagram stories?

Instagram stories have evolved quite a bit since Instagram first introduced them a few years ago. Today, you can add location tags, stickers, polls and, of course, hashtags to Instagram stories. Whether you choose to include photos, videos, boomerangs or superzooms in your stories, they are a great way to give your followers some extra content every day without planning it out too much or spending hours to edit the photo or video since they will be deleted in 24 hours. When you use hashtags in your photos, you allow more people to find the content in your stories, which means you can get even more new followers. Statistics show that most people use very broad hashtags when searching for stories, so when you are thinking of hashtags that you can include in your story, pick a broad on-word, high volume hashtag instead of those that include multiple words or hashtags that are too niche.

How to add a hashtag to an Instagram story?

There are actually two routes you can take to add a hashtag to an Instagram story – we will take a look at both of those so you can choose the one that suits you best. You will end up with a hashtag in your story either way, but they will differ in appearance.

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Add sticker hashtags to Instagram stories

If you only want to use one hashtag in your Instagram story and you want the hashtag to attract attention, go with a sticker hashtag. Once you’ve uploaded the photo or video that you’re going to use in your story, tap on the sticker icon that is located in the upper part of the screen and choose the #HASHTAG sticker. Next, enter the actual hashtag in the box and adjust the size and location of the hashtag sticker in your story. You can also change the color of the sticker, although you have only 3 options: grey and white, rainbow, or pink, orange and red.

Add a text hashtag to Instagram story

If you would like to add multiple hashtags to your Instagram story or if you don’t want the hashtags to attract a lot of attention, you can choose to add text hashtags. Simply upload the media for the story, place a text box on the image and type in your hashtags – make sure that they are underlined, otherwise they will not work. If you’re going with text, you can add as many hashtags as you want, but your followers will only be able to click the top three hashtags. You can also choose the color, size and font of the text in the hashtag.

A lot of people have tried to cheat Instagram algorithm by adding popular but irrelevant hashtags to their stories and hiding the hashtag by making it the same color as the background or making the font too tiny. This is a huge mistake that you should never make, as Instagram easily recognizes this and stops showing your story to anyone other than your followers, which defeats the whole purpose of adding a hashtag in the first place.


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