How to format Facebook posts?

Have you ever thought that you actually can edit text on Facebook? It does not have to be just a simple text you can add bold, italics, underlining and more. This feature does not work like a typical HTML editor as all the standard editing features are not there but you should do all the basic formatting while writing a Facebook post.

Are you sick and tired of all Facebook posts looking pretty much the same? Especially, if you are a regular Facebook poster and want your posts to look slightly different from each other. That is when Facebook posts formatting can be very useful for you.

How to format Facebook posts

Method 1: Use formatting tools to add bold text or italics to Facebook posts

You can use different formatting tools like bold, italic, underlined and whatever you need to make your Facebook post stand out.

This way implies using a special website that will help you edit your text for Facebook post. You type the text there or copy it from somewhere, do all the necessary formatting there and then copy your text and paste it to the Facebook post.

Here is the link:

Follow the link and you will easily figure out how to use it. Insert the text that you want to modify to the text editor, perform all the necessary updates, copy your text back to your Facebook post. Enjoy the results. You can make part of the text in bold or in italics, underline it and more. Make it work for yourself.

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Method 2: Use Google Keyboard on Android Smartphones

First of all, Go to your mobile settings and find the keyboard settings. You have to make sure Google Keyboard is turned on to be able to continue, if it is not there, install it first and then update the settings.

Secondly, Write your post exactly on Facebook and click on the Feeling/Activity area below the typing area when you’re done writing the text. You will see some options to appear.

Finally, Out of all the options that appear select one of the occasions you want or continue searching. This is more convenient to do form your smartphone than laptop as the interface will be much easier to use for you. You can modify the text any way you can, you can add bullet points for your text, change the paragraph styles, use different styles numbers, and more. However, unlike the first method, this option does not let you change the text to bold or italics or have it underlined but you can use tags for this. With this option you also can use text and icons near your name to show the status or feeling.

You can do pretty much anything with you Facebook post text. Those were just some couple basic examples. If you want to do more – do more and add some visuality to your Facebook feed. There are so many ways of Facebook post text editing you can explore but for now try using these two.


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