How to monetize your blog - 5 common ideas for newbies from experts

5 Ideas to Monetize a Blog

The list of top profession has suffered changes for last two decades. Children of the mid in 20-eis century wanted to be doctors, pilots and directors. Today’s children, due to technology revolution, according to the situation around want to become bloggers.

So said, so done. This profession doesn’t require special education – you can see it from thousands of blogs appearing daily. But it does require to have special skill-set to be interesting, readable and honoured. That’s why thousands of them vanish quite soon after being born. If you are lucky and talented enough, you may have obtained an audience of 1 000 visitors or even more and next step is start monetizing your efforts, and we are going to tell how to sell good traffic.

Affiliate marketing

General idea of this approach is that you get money for each time the ad of the product was clicked and a person purchases it. You don’t have to be worried about manufacturing, delivering or services for payment making as well as other stuff.

Companies sometimes send samples of their products to popular bloggers, so that they could try the items and tell about the experience to the audience.

There are two main points you should care:

  • try to use the products you advertise. People may believe you and buy something, but they will feel deceived if the product is of poor quality. You risk to lose your followers as it would be strange to give ear to somebody who cheats
  • best results can be gained if the product you advertise are relevant to the niche you have blog.
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It is the simplest way of selling website traffic. You can contact directly businesses that can post ads on your free spaces. Advertisers can also be invited from RTB auctions or ad networks. The most beneficial thing is to consider native ads, as they are fully integrated into your blog style and look so naturally people are unlikely to guess it is ad material.

Sell your own book

If you are in blogging for a long time already and the amount of traffic is growing – probably, you have what to tell your audience. Let’s collect all your ideas into one container and advertise it on your own blog.

You’d better to have some preparation before exact publishing – inform people that it is going to happen very soon. You may get a lot of ideas what the audience is expecting from your masterpiece.

If your work is a success, the book will be given to others, who are not your followers yet, and they can join you after reading.

Create an online course

The idea is simple to the pint above. The difference is that people may easily forget all the ideas they have learned from you by simple reading, while the knowledge has a chance to remain if special efforts were made.

Be ready that your first online course, as well as the book, may have raw points or punch items, but people will let it pass if the material is really interesting and valuable.

Ask for donations

We have decided to finish our list with an advice for those who wonder how to make money without selling anything. It is normal practice to ask for help if you need it. Financial side may seem a bit more complicated, but people are ready to invest in those who helps being entertained, educated or taught.

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Choose the most common system for making payments. The trick here is to make everything as much as possible convenient for donators. Offer small sums for donations so that people don’t treat it as something too great. There will always be who can donate $100 at once, but $0,5 also make sense if there is a hundred of such transactions.

The list of ideas we have provided you with is certainly not the ultimate truth, but it may give you a good start and provoke other ideas for blog monetizing. Share with us which options you have already tried and what the result was.


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