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The structure of the market of mobile advertising
What are the components of the market of mobile advertising?

What are the principles of the market of online advertising and how to define the quality of advertising?

The online advertising market may be twice as large as previously thought. A financial institution believes that it is wrong to rate highly capitalized Internet companies along with the traditional advertising market. They offer a more optimistic scenario, in which the potential volume of the digital market is $3 trillion.

The grand career of mobile advertising is just beginning. Smartphones for the whole day are “witnesses” of what we do online and offline. They are the missing link of real omnichannel communication, which is just beginning to develop. Scenarios based on data from a mobile channel will provide marketers with the opportunity to get insights, which today can only be seen in science fiction TV shows.

According to the data, we spend about 80% of the time in the mobile application. This area is still covered in mystery and not fully explored by marketers and publishers, devoid of cookies. How, then, do publishers struggle with thousands of applications that “steal” the time we used to spend on the www portals? Now the most popular in mobile use social networks, games and video. It should be remembered about the two big players who dominate the ratings of mobile applications. 9 of the 10 most popular applications in the world are in the arsenal of Google and Facebook.

The quality of advertising is determined by the content and design of both the ads themselves and their target site. It can directly depend on the designs placed on pages (for example, video ads that automatically play with sound) or the general approach to placing ads on a site (for example, high advertising density on mobile devices).

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