Mobile advertising and its perspectives

The percentage of orders through mobile devices reaches up to 70% in internet shops. It’s getting harder and harder to ignore it. Hence, we must learn to manage it. With a help of mobile advertisements one can make it work in such a way, so that only the interested ones come to your website, and in big quantities.

A big variety of the available types and formats of ads affords solving the problem of gaining the audience for sales increase, as well as branding tasks aimed to increase brand recognition.

Pros of Mobile Ads

  • Gaining new audience

Instruments and platforms used for advertising on mobile devices allows gaining attention of new audience, which is not available with the traditional channels of internet-marketing. It’s a wonderful means for the companies, which have already made use of the potential of other advertising tools and who are seeking for additional channels of gaining audience.

  • Flexible targeting settings

Besides traditional targeting, there is a full range of instruments offering a wide range for segmenting target audience. For example, mobile ads can be shown to the users who are geographically near to your company, or increase the intensity of your campaign just for those who are geographically interested. The amount of shows may be also targeted for mobile operation systems (iOS, Android) or for specific devices (Samsung, iPhone, etc.), for Wi-Fi networks or for certain mobile operators.

  • Unique advertising formats
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There are unique ad extensions available in mobile search. For example, this could be ‘click to call’ button right in text of your ad. (Pressing such a button would initiate a call to your company). Along with this, the price of such ad is equal to the price of a click!

  • Wide coverage

For promotion on mobile devices, we use tools that enable us to display advertising on almost all platforms and in all possible contexts – on mobile search, in applications, overlays, and on mobile versions of popular sites.

  • Availability

The field of mobile marketing is actively developing, but not all advertisers use it yet. Since the competition in this advertising channel is low, we can attract traffic at a fairly low price.

Contextual advertising in mobile search

There are fewer ad slots available in the mobile search than in the regular ones, so each of them has a better chance of attracting the attention of users, and unique ad extensions can increase the effectiveness of advertising.

Tasks: increase sales.

Formats: text ads with extensions.

Targeting: geography, search query, type, model and device OS, etc.

Advertising in mobile apps

Advertising in applications will cover an ever-growing audience of mobile phone and tablets users.

Tasks: increasing brand awareness, advertising new products and services, demand generation.


  • text mobile ads,
  • graphic – in banner format,
  • video advertising (Instagram).

Targeting: application categories, geography, age and gender, type, model, and device OS.

Advertising in mobile versions of services and social networks

With the increased rates of using mobile Internet, attendance of mobile versions of various services and social networks is also growing.

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Tasks: increasing brand awareness, advertising new products and services, demand generation.


  • teaser in mobile social networking,
  • a large-format unit in a mobile social networking,
  • teaser in mobile versions of services,
  • banner in mobile versions of services.

Targeting: interests, geography, age and sex, type, model and device OS, etc.


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