Mobile Rich-Media types

Rich media is a type of banner advertising, which is the latest fashion and the embodiment of modern web-technologies. Its main advantage and difference lies in the almost unlimited possibilities of interactivity.

This format is perhaps the most honest and transparent of all types of aggressive advertising methods. No wonder that this method will also be very popular for mobile phones. There are plenty of ways you can advertise your product with rich media on mobile phones. This article will tell you about all of them.


  • Gaming ads,
  • 3d ads,
  • social bookmarks ads,
  • animation ads,
  • click or tap to call ads,
  • swipe ads,
  • cpd ads,
  • shake ads,
  • Twitter feeds ads,
  • wipe ads,
  • paint ads,
  • camera or Instagram ads,
  • dynamic location overlay banner,
  • map ads.

Gaming ads

This is one of the most effective ways to promote your game. Gaming ad is a brief demonstration that allows the user to play it. After this ad will ask the information about the user, f.e email.

3D ads

One of the newest feature of the rich media which really makes it “rich”. The thing is, this advertisement will change its position and side with the rotation of your phone.

Social Bookmarks Ads

This is an active advertisement. Instead of promoting only the product, it aims also to advertise brand’s social networks accounts.

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Animation ads

This ad usually associates with the rich media. These ads contain different animations within.

Click or tap to call ads

This ad features a phone number, that you have to tap on in order to commit a call.

Swipe ads

In swipe ads you need to swipe in order to enter the new level of the advertisement.

CPD ads

CPD (Cost-per-download) is mostly for the ads, that are inside the different apps. This means, when you click on the app, you download a file, program, dlc etc.

Shake ads

Another pretty obvious by the function ad, that will do the certain action when the person will shake his phone.

Twitter feeds ads

These ads work specifically on the Twitter and it advertises the accounts of the promoters. It shows the tweets that you can choose and optimize.

Wipe ads

This is interesting interacting advertisement, where you need to wipe the screen of your phone, so that you’ll have a possibility to see the advertisement.

Paint ads

Very engaging advertisement, where you get a possibility to paint the advertisement.

Instagram ads

This advertisement features making a photo and then adding it to an ad.

Dynamic location overlay banner

A very effective advertisement that will show the location of the shop on the map and tell user the route to this shop. Obviously it is dynamic, because people are moving and the route changes as well.

Map ads

This is quite similar ad to the previous one, which works quite the same.


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