How to monetize your app in 2019 - simple ideas available for professionals and beginners as well

How to Monetize your Mobile App in 2019

You might have already finished with your app creation or just thinking over your idea. We offer to think about one more thing – how to monetize an app. i.e. to get some extra money as a passive income. The variety of options is really huge, now we are going to focus on the key ones. Here we go!

Why not to make your app paid at once?

It seems that you can get money immediately with every user loading your product. However, people are still quite reluctant about parting with money. The issue gets even more complicated when people have very slightest idea what they are going to pay for. Of course, you can offer refund to those who felt dissatisfied, but your reputation will suffer a lot at any case. Even business sharks consider it important for audience to taste what they can have just for a little sum of money.

Trial period – a variant of mobile monetization

As we have discussed above, people should be prepared for giving you money. It seems logical, but avaricy and avidity will break it all right away. Tons of apps are uninstalled after free period finishing. However, there is a way out. Offer your users a set of free options and pay for the options they need. For example, if we talk about a daily planner – you can leave opportunity to create dates and be informed for free, while version without ads may require some payments.

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It is probably the simplest and the most popular way of monetizing an app. However, there are some points one should know:

  • predominantly people hate ads and abundance of such content may lead to decreasing of users in general;
  • there are different ad types that can be used for mobile applications, main idea here is not to distract a user from his current activity, it means no interruption during the gameplay are possible;
  • people are ready to stand some ad content if they are rewarded for it – such situation is quite popular for gaming area: you offer to watch an add roll for obtaining extra weapon or skills for a game character.

Asking for donation

Sometimes problems that seem too difficult can be resolved with obvious solutions. The idea is to ask for help when you need it. Don’t show donate message immediately as your audience needs some time to try your masterpiece. People are a bit nervous when they are enforced to pay for something, but, at the same time, they are more open when the same situation is represented as a voluntary act. You chances will increase if you state several variants of sums for donation and offer people to sell you more or less than amounts are mentioned. Your loyal audience will be happy to help you and invest in app improvements, but some hesitate doing it as feel that $1 is a shameful sum. Just calculate the total cost if there is a thousand of donations of this amount during a month. The only precaution here is to offer the most popular and convenient ways for making payments, not to ruin benevolent intentions at the very beginning.

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Attract sponsors

Officially the approach is called “influence marketing” and YouTube bloggers can serve as the best example. They get money or samples of products from the company that wants to have some more attention to the brand. The bigger traffic volume is, the more attention to the goods is given, that will lead to sales increasing. Not all bloggers or apps can boast with huge audience, but an opportunity to get potentially target clients make the difference.


Mobile app monetization is not a shameful idea at all. There are a lot of ideas that were based on enthusiasm, but it is, unfortunately, not the best fuel for future iterations. Main idea of the process is not to give people feeling that all the things were launched just for money making purpose. People start feeling their treating of a wallet on the legs since the first opening and think about escaping the trap as quick as possible, no matter how useful or entertaining your app is.


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