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    for Mobile Publishers & App Developers


MEDIAPULSERTB Market Quality Solutions

The advertising and publishing community requires a secure haven — an unblemished, robust ambience — to operate scalable smartphone-oriented promotions. MEDIAPULSERTB’s programmatic marketplace is intended to shield and hedge our clients’ mobile equities from any outside dangers like hacking, fraudulent activity, ransomware and so on.

MEDIAPULSERTB guarantees the exclusive opportunity for the advertising agents to take advantage of the superior traffic and carefully selected public for the specific promotions. Besides, we see to the elimination of unwanted content that may damage the audience of our publishing agents. MEDIAPULSERTB international marketplace handles hundreds of thousands of commercials monthly and brings them to more than a billion real smartphone owners. And we really care about protecting this environment. We keep your mobile budget safe by excluding the slightest possibility of cheating in our system, and by ensuring its transparency, brand security and handiness.

Fraud Free
Eliminating illegitimate traffic across the exchange
Verifying that your ads are effectively displayed
Brand Safe
Ensuring your ads appear with appropriate content
Improving your understanding of the traffic you buy

Our Premium Publishers

Advertising agents are aware that an exchange that is protected from cheating and from any threats to the brand has guaranteed prosperity perspectives. The linchpin of MEDIAPULSERTB exchange is supreme ad traffic from top-end publishing channels — which is the best approach to target at the desired populace with your mobile-oriented promotions. MEDIAPULSERTB keeps significantly high touchstones for incoming publishers, the idea being to provide an outstandingly pure ands safe exchange space with elite publishers and high-end resources exclusively.

Our Holistic Approach

An exchange protected from fraudulence and cheating can be built only with diligence and serious approach. Having an impressive background in advertising technologies and research, MEDIAPULSERTB ensures the security of your mobile ad budget with an efficient combination of best practices and intelligent management. MEDIAPULSERTB implements diversified techniques founded upon tested principles, analytical heuristics and experienced personnel.

As a consequence of our endeavors, MEDIAPULSERTB’s skilful worldwide-based staff oversees our platform to control the legitimacy of input and output and the content’s matching our strict standards. We also utilize cutting-edge tools to filter out any suspicious activity and implement additional features for hedging against any dangers and malicious attacks.

Proven Technology
We leverage data analysis tools and risk detection software to resolve traffic quality issues.
Smart People
A team of MEDIAPULSERTB experts ensures that only genuine traffic and ads reach our exchange.
Quality Marketplace
Our blend of automated and human checks deliver a fraud free mobile ad marketplace.

Trust in Mobile

As any ad exchange, MEDIAPULSERTB is dedicated to the notion of mutual confidence and condemns the currency of fraudulent perpetrators in the advertisement field. We strive to create a trustful relationship in mobile promotions. We at MEDIAPULSERTB are sincerely dedicated to rendering lucid mobile space with supreme quality toolkits that are viewed as reliable by international companies and marketing experts. Due to trustful connections and lucidity of our work that have been testified by the years of collaboration with thousands of application designers and publishing entities, MEDIAPULSERTB plays an important role in catching dishonest identities red-handed and in evolving and perfecting the industry’s morals.

Buy & Sell with Confidence

MEDIAPULSERTB’s views on safeguarding our customers from cheating advertisements and poor-level input is serious and not a light one. We use special technologies designed for these purposes that allow quick and effective solving of the safety issues. Get in touch with MEDIAPULSERTB to inquire about details with regards to our policies of quality checking.

App Developers / Mobile Publishers
Ad Networks & DSPs
Billion Mobile Users per Month
Billion Impressions per Month
  • "MEDIAPULSERTB have surprised me with their charitable pricing policy while at the same time proved to deliver the most remarkable results I’ve ever seen. I have a lot of experience to compare with, and their program and approaches are simply superb! My goals were reached pretty fast, and I have met really polite and professional account managers and support team. I am sure we will be friends forever and maybe even bring our collaboration to a new level in the near future."
    Ingrid Wilkins
  • "I was looking for the prospects for monetizing a sports game application I’ve recently developed, and I found MEDIAPULSERTB via an advertisement and decided to give them a shot. I’ve experienced quality service, supportive and open-minded team, and quick improvement of my financial position. Their strategists have designed a thorough roadmap for my campaign, and they have followed their obligations from A to Z. The outcomes were impressive on all sides, and I recommend MEDIAPULSERTB to all fellow developers!"
    Jacob Kristiansen
  • "I have a friend who is also working in the mobile tech field, and he recommended me MEDIAPULSERTB as a proper crew to deal with my hard nut task. And I definitely wasn’t disappointed, indeed, I am indebted to my friend, because MEDIAPULSERTB is truly a bunch of diehard professionals who know everything about the mobile ads and have great intuition as to how to deliver optimum results in a personal approach. Should I mention that I’ve reaped wonderful harvest both money-wise and quality-wise? This company is the real deal, and you’ll want to return to them again and again."
    Billy Hustings
  • "The campaign of mobile promotion of my web project with MEDIAPULSERTB turned up to be successful, to say the least. A competent, mindful and experienced team, cutting-edge tools, and guaranteed results! The stat reports are very handy, and the exchange auctions work in the best way possible. If you want quality and easygoing monetization for mobile, then MEDIAPULSERTB is what you need!"
    Anthony Watson
    web designer
  • "Being an advertiser, I was looking for a partnership in the field of mobile ads, and in the publishing in particular, and after a scrupulous selection I’ve made my mind in favor of MEDIAPULSERTB… The next thing I knew was our third deal with them, meaning I can’t stop being excited about continuing and expanding our work together, for the first two cases turned out to be deliciously profitable. This is truly the best choice in the mobile publishing world, believe me! "
    Christie Yamamoto
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