Pop art advertising used in different fields

Pop art is the case when the objects of art themselves are advertising images. The clear line between art and advertising is blurred for this style. Posters of Toulouse-Lautrec, Roy Lichtenstein comic cartoons, Andy Warhol’s advertising illustrations are the classics of this art style, which is strong, overwhelming and interesting for a few decades so far.

Originally, pop art began to appear in the fine art (painting, graphics, sculpture). Gradually, this style moved to other areas: film industry, music.

Prerequisites for the emergence of this style was the desire to entertain, which is inherent in popular culture, as well as new means to present the advertised image. In this sense, pop art and advertising are links of the same chain. Sometimes it is difficult for researchers to draw a line between them.

Previously, pop art before had no analogues in the past and this is caused by its spontaneous growth. The society of consumption and freedom required the same expressive means.

How can you use pop are in your advertising campaign?

  • Pop art in advertising conveys energy and emotions, which are understandable to the modern audience.
  • Pop art attracts attention with its color and stylistic tools.
  • Pop art speaks a language understood by a young audience.
  • Pop art is entertaining. Images in this style make you want to consider them for uploading to Instagram.
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In what fields pop art advertising looks the most beneficial?

  • Manufacturers of sweet beverages;
  • Fast food;
  • Chewing gums;
  • Chocolate bars;
  • Snacks;
  • Sports goods and clothes;
  • For companies that want to make a revolution in conservative industries or change the usual classical positioning.

Creating advertising in the style of pop art, you need to take into account that your messages are understood. First of all, remember that the audience is young, able to appreciate the riot of colors, kitsch and provocation. Pop art in advertising is widely used by manufacturers of soda, chewing gum, manufacturers of sports goods, designers. Bright examples of such advertising campaigns are for example, the latest collections of Prada or Moschino. On the one hand, these are memorable advertising images that sell themselves. On the other hand, they are independent art objects. Such designs are already out of fashion after several years have passed, which is a long time for high fashion, but history it’s only beginning.

Pop art ads used in different fields

Fashion is often positioned through pop art. And it does not surprise. Throughout the world, a young audience is the most active in buying clothes. They consume it as fast food. Rapid change of fashion is aimed at making more, more and more active purchases.

Pop art and fast food are like cousins. They have a lot in common and there is a similar set of genes. Therefore, designers try to connect these areas together.

Advertising appeals “Do not pass by” “Final sale”, “Discount” are often performed in pop art technique. This style is able to attract attention through its brightness; it calls for buying and acting.

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Covers in pop art style created for music performers. This tradition was started by the commercial pop art artist Andy Warhol in his series of album covers.


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