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RTB website and privacy policy

Mediapulsertb does not guarantee inclusive confidentiality but is committed to the privacy of their customers. The regulations listed below are aimed at demonstrating what data we need about our customers and how we handle them.

Customer’s data processing
Mediapulsertb collects and stores details about you which you reveal when you contact us, give your feedback or participate in actions, promotions, etc. We analyze the way you view our site as well.

We handle your information to customize the service and to improve the site performance. We may utilize your details to let you know you about our services and products we find significant for you. This may contain adverts of other business we find relevant to your preferences traced via your site usage.

The methods which we exercise to contact you contain sending emails, regular letters, making phone calls or writing texts.

We require your data for billing and verifying your payment details, marketing purposes, customer service and feedback, health, administrative and legal issues, statistics, site performance testing, etc.

Our customers’ opinions are significant for us and we encourage them for interaction which helps us to improve. The information obtained about you can be accessible by authorized third parties which represent our interests.

Site usage monitoring
We employ software which enables us to monitor the usage of mediapulsertb.com in order to develop and improve it. We don’t have any software at our disposal to capture any information which allows the personal identification.

Personal details request
Our customers may demand to show them the details which we have on them. You may also ask for telephone calls records if there are any at present. We remove them after a certain period of time, to be exact, after 90 days’ period. For privacy reasons, such applications are possible only if you identify yourself with corresponding documents.

Security and data protection
We employ high-grade encryption and do not share your details with authorized third parties until we make sure they can provide at least the same level of security and data protection as mediapulsertb.com. This does not concern the cases when we are demanded to pass your information to legal bodies.

Cookies and pixels use
We apply cookies and pixels to track the way you navigate mediapulsertb.com and to see your reaction to our emails. Thus, cookies tell us about your preferences and help us to understand what promotion materials you may need and what not. We utilize them to perform our marketing analysis, system maintaining and performance improvement. We specify the applied cookies in our Cookies policy. You may manage and dispose them in your browser settings at your own discretion.

Customer’s consent
Your further usage of mediapulsertb.com testifies that you acknowledge and approve the data collection described and regulated in the pursuant Privacy policy. Contact us for queries at [email protected]

Mediapulsertb registered offices are located at:
Avinguda Diagonal, 601, 08028, Barcelona, Spain
445 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, Alabama, 36104, United States

App Developers / Mobile Publishers
Ad Networks & DSPs
Billion Mobile Users per Month
Billion Impressions per Month
  • "MEDIAPULSERTB have surprised me with their charitable pricing policy while at the same time proved to deliver the most remarkable results I’ve ever seen. I have a lot of experience to compare with, and their program and approaches are simply superb! My goals were reached pretty fast, and I have met really polite and professional account managers and support team. I am sure we will be friends forever and maybe even bring our collaboration to a new level in the near future."
    Ingrid Wilkins
  • "I was looking for the prospects for monetizing a sports game application I’ve recently developed, and I found MEDIAPULSERTB via an advertisement and decided to give them a shot. I’ve experienced quality service, supportive and open-minded team, and quick improvement of my financial position. Their strategists have designed a thorough roadmap for my campaign, and they have followed their obligations from A to Z. The outcomes were impressive on all sides, and I recommend MEDIAPULSERTB to all fellow developers!"
    Jacob Kristiansen
  • "I have a friend who is also working in the mobile tech field, and he recommended me MEDIAPULSERTB as a proper crew to deal with my hard nut task. And I definitely wasn’t disappointed, indeed, I am indebted to my friend, because MEDIAPULSERTB is truly a bunch of diehard professionals who know everything about the mobile ads and have great intuition as to how to deliver optimum results in a personal approach. Should I mention that I’ve reaped wonderful harvest both money-wise and quality-wise? This company is the real deal, and you’ll want to return to them again and again."
    Billy Hustings
  • "The campaign of mobile promotion of my web project with MEDIAPULSERTB turned up to be successful, to say the least. A competent, mindful and experienced team, cutting-edge tools, and guaranteed results! The stat reports are very handy, and the exchange auctions work in the best way possible. If you want quality and easygoing monetization for mobile, then MEDIAPULSERTB is what you need!"
    Anthony Watson
    web designer
  • "Being an advertiser, I was looking for a partnership in the field of mobile ads, and in the publishing in particular, and after a scrupulous selection I’ve made my mind in favor of MEDIAPULSERTB… The next thing I knew was our third deal with them, meaning I can’t stop being excited about continuing and expanding our work together, for the first two cases turned out to be deliciously profitable. This is truly the best choice in the mobile publishing world, believe me! "
    Christie Yamamoto
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