Push notification advertisements

2018 has shown itself as a perfect year for advertisement through push notifications. More and more ads are now delivered by this means of advertisement – big and small sectors, brands and goods are using this tool more and more. Push notifications are clickable messages that arrive to the subscribed users to their desktop screens of mobile devices and PCs.

The main peculiarity of push notifications is that they arrive on top of all the opened windows, even if the browser is switched off. More than that, if PC or a telephone are switched off, the user will get this type of notification as soon as he or she comes back online.

Rich-push – a big clickable banner – is the most popular format among the advertisers. This is a big clickable banner with two clickable buttons.

New advertising format attracts major advertisers more and more. Why?

There is no clutter. The user gets notifications on top of all the opened windows. It’s a 100% targeted impact of the target message on the audience.

A big volume of traffic in a short time. Visits of the target page start immediately after the notifications have been sent. It can make tes of thousands of clicks on the target page within just couple of hours.

Impossibility of fraud. All the audience is made up by live people, who are active users. The audience of notifications cannot be possibly faked. Metrics defines traffic as direct entering the website.

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Notifications function in almost all the knows browsers. Push notifications are delivered within the limits of all browsers, including their mobile versions.

This is not spam. All audience gives consent to receive news and content by publisher, and can cancel this agreement any time.

Where to buy and how much does it cost?

There are two options for buying advertising in push notifications:

You can contact the publishers directly in order to order their ads. This is a valid option, although, it takes a lot of time and effort. More than that, not everyone will give consent to send ads to their subscribers.

Order advertisement on the stock of push notifications. There are a few startups, which are specialized on this advertising format. In some of such networks the it’s up to advertiser, which price to set – the higher the price, the more interesting this proposal turns out to be to a publisher.

The price of advertisement in push-notifications differ. The market is only on the stage of forming, and the prices for mass sending of such notifications and for the type of buy differ depending on the network and the publisher.

This format looks quite attractive as an advertisement tool. The audience is active to click on your advertisement, the values of traffic are high, and there are not so many competitors in this niche at the moment.


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