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RTB Ad Exchange

MEDIAPULSERTB is a respectful front-runner of the international mobile ad competition running its own marketplace based on real-time bids. RTB is a framework that utilizes the auction-style bidding approach where demand actors (entities who desire to have their advertisements published) place bids for mobile resources in live mode. The procedure is extremely quick and passes in a blink of an eye thanks to the foremost, cutting-edge methodologies, novel information management and smart programs. With RTB, there’s more lucidity in the field and publishing and development parties receive higher rates for their pricy traffic channels. MEDIAPULSERTB marketplace is linked to the hundreds of advertising networks, and thus our publishing partners have an immediate access to the worldwide advertising resources.

The MEDIAPULSERTB Publisher Platform (SPX) Delivers Higher eCPMs

MEDIAPULSERTB publisher framework guarantees the unmatched and unprecedented top levels of click rates for mobile resources based on our methodologies of dynamic demand management that enables live contest for mobile advertising channels for every single impression. Publisher entities are able to set up extra targeting preferences to further raise pricing, with a chance of witnessing a double rise of profits or more.

What is Real time Bidding in advertising?
RTB and its applications in advertising campaigns

Real time Bidding for online advertising. What is this and how does it work?

RTB (real-time-bidding) is a modern online advertising technology that allows you to organize an auction between its sellers and buyers in real time.

Programmatic buying of advertising (programmatic buying) is much more convenient and more rational than classical methods of placement. All the necessary operations and targeting settings are carried out through the platform interface. This is very convenient, because all the Internet space is on the same platform.

RTB technology covers every stage of the sales funnel

Large successful sites offering their territory for advertising give their traffic to the auction. The RTB media format functions according to the auction rules: during the page load, the system “reads” the visitor’s profile, and as a result, demonstrates advertising that best suits his interests.

Types of RTB advertising

  • Pages with a list of articles, news feeds, or space between adjacent paragraphs of text. The mobile unit will organically fit into any structure: advertising in automatic mode adapts to the dimensions of the free container.
  • Vertical or horizontal poster. Placement of an ad occurs on the right or left of the main information on the page (when choosing a vertical position), above or below.
  • If the ad contains an image, the text appears on top of it only when you hover the mouse.
  • Smart banners. Advertisements with mobile content, compiled based on the preferences of visitors to the resource.
  • Inside this type of moving banner carousel each ad.
  • Video inside the banner or in the stream.
  • Compiled questionnaire with response options (thoughtful content is able to interest visitors who are not against the easy choice of line).
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