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Referral Program

Publisher referral program from our RTB platform


Do you have an inkling of mobile application designers or publishing dealers among your contacts who may be interested in straightforward improvement of their ad income? Ask them to register with MEDIAPULSERTB, and you may obtain a ten percent of their profits from the MEDIAPULSERTB marketplace!

How It Works

Generate link
Paste your personal publisher identifier into the field below to get your private link
Share link
Forward your personal referral URL to your fellow application designers or publishers
New signup
Neophyte publisher or application designer registers on out platform
YOU receive 10%
YOU get ten per cent of their profits in the course of first six months after their signing up

Referral Program for Publishers by MediaPulse
MediaPulse Partnership Programs

What are the benefits of Referral Programs by MediaPulse?

An affiliate program is a format of advertising activity of an online store or service aimed at increasing sales. The store provides affiliate program members with links, banners, texts to advertise their products, and pays a percentage of purchases made by customers who came to advertise the partner.

Affiliate programs are considered to be a way of making money for webmasters, owners of their sites. But you can earn in the affiliate program, and not having your own website. You can advertise the site and affiliate products, for example, by placing your referral link in the signatures on the forums, on your blog, on the social network, you can place banners and text links on other sites. All methods are good, except for spam. This way of advertising is a violation of the rules of the affiliate program, they are easy to detect, and instead of earning money you will get your account blocked in the affiliate program.

Check out the conditions for participation in Referral Program by MediaPulse – we are the experts in the field of Mobile Advertising.

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