RTB ad server

Ad Server is the advertising server, technological service or the software for ads direct placement on the web-sites. The ad server provides the promotional materials broadcasting to the publisher’s site, counts the impressions and clicks number having like other elements of RTB ecosystem the instruments for the campaign optimization.

The ad server is the database server storing the promotional materials and broadcasting them to the sites according to the advertising network requests. The content of the ad server updates constantly, that makes possible to show the new banner or text ad every time during the page loading. That makes the ad server the necessary technical element regarding to the targeting accuracy.

The ad server can be launched locally. It is possible for that purpose to use the third party company or remote server capacities. As a rule, the local advertising server is in ownership of the publisher and operates in publisher’s behalf. The remote ad servers operate in stand-alone mode and service few publishers. In this case, all the ads are broadcasted from one source, that allows the advertisers to track the ad placement all over the Internet.

The first standalone ad server was launched by FocaLink Media Services on July 17, 1995. Its motherboard is carefully stored up to now.


rtb server


RTB ad servers: what is the difference

RTB (Real Time Bidding) is the technology of media ad buying via the programmatic online auctions. The RTB focuses directly on the impressions for the target visitors instead of planning the reserves of the ad space on the certain sites. Each impression is bought out in a split second during the loading of the page – the RTB system instantly carries out the auction. As a result, the advertisers’ higher bid appears in full view of the most interested user.

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RTB ad servers identify the users via the cookie, pixel tag, mobile platform identifier, browser or social network account. The target users are the users who strictly correspond to the advertiser’s requirements. The RTB platform performs the impressions exactly to those users.

The advantages of the RTB services

RTB ads makes the communication between the brand name and the buyer more agreeable for both sides. The users see the appropriate ads, and advertisers get the performance measurements they could not reach before. The users’ personal data is safe: all RTB-servers carry out the targeting based on the anonymous profiles provided by DMP.




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