5 best survey sites in India

Any person can go online and complete a specially created questionnaire . Online surveys usually look like web forms with the database to carry all the saved answers and provide statistics and analysis of gathered data. Sometimes you can get a prize or take part in lottery upon completing a full online survey. But did you know you can even earn money by taking a survey? All you need to do is go to the company’s website, complete surveys on a daily basis, and receive your payment. In paid surveys participants are motivated to complete the questionnaire by receiving a small cash rewards. Here is the list of best online survey websites, which you can use to get paid in different countries.

GlobalTestMarket paid survey website

Gloobal test Market survey was operated by GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.) but it is now owned by Lightspeed Research. You can get cash or gift cards for completing their surveys. Your prize will be based on your “Market Points” for the taken surveys. You can choose one of the payment methods you want – PayPal, cheques, cash, gift cards for some companies. You receive between 35 and 250 points for any taken survey to them turn them into money value.

Swagbucks online survey website

Swagbucks survey is awesome in use. You can download their tool box to your computer and use it as Google toolbox. You can search the web and choose the surveys to take. This is awesome tool for quality search results and increasing reward points. You get points for taking surveys, searching the web, and many more options to get Swag bucks. They have special offers, surveys, shop, polls, trade-in-program. You also can invite friends and get affiliate rewards.

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Cashcrate survey site

Cashcrate has over 2 million users around the world. You get paid for performing different types of activities there – subscribing/registering for corporate offers and promotions, signing up for contests, shopping at specific websites, recruiting monetized referrals and by socializing with fellow users, playing games or winning contests, and filling out surveys. When you register you automatically get $1 but to cash it out you need at least $20 on your account. The usual payments would be from $0.01 to $20 or more and are usually sent the following month.

Opinion Outpost paid survey site

Opinion Outpost has been in use for quite a while. On Opinion Outpost you get a reward for sharing your opinion with the group by completing some surveys on different topics and products. If you aren’t qualified to take part in survey you still can take part in various contests or sweepstakes games. Be sure to take at least 1 survey every 3 month because otherwise your account might expire. You should be at least 18 to enter and live in North America or Europe.

Survey Savvy survey site

Survey Savvy has one of the lowest thresholds to withdraw your reward. You get paid a straight value for each taken survey -3$. All the surveys are very high quality. They have an awesome referral scheme as you get $2 per survey for your referral and $1 for each survey that their referral covers. So basically you can make money on people who you invited.


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