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Terms of Use

Attend that when you start using mediapulsertb.com it testifies that you are aware and totally agree to the Terms of Use established by Mediapulsertb and listed below.

Mediapulsertb has the right to make amendments to the provisions pursuant to these Terms of Use not necessarily notifying the users about it. If you proceed to use the site it testifies that you agree to its Terms of Use in the new edition. The terms of any additional agreements will be effective alongside with the Terms of Use instituted hereby.

Privacy policy
To scrutinize our privacy policy, please consult the corresponding page on mediapulsertb.com. We explain there why we collect our customers’ details and what for we process them. Our customer’s privacy is of great concern to us. In case you have any queries, don’t hesitate to reach us at contact@mediapulsertb.com.

Copyright protection
The site mediapulsertb.com is under copyright protection. It includes but is not limited to its logo, the website design and graphics, any information located on the site. Unless we grant our written consent you shall not reproduce or duplicate our materials in any way, electronic or manual. If we permit you to do so in writing you shall not use it for business purposes. You shall not copy it prior to our consent either. Also, you shall not alter or edit the information you obtain from our site.

Trademark protection
mediapulsertb.com is under trademark protection and Mediapulsertb is a registered trademark. You shall not use any elements of the site which fall to the trademarked materials without our written agreement. This includes but is not limited to customized icons, buttons, graphics, texts, colours preferences, scripts, etc. Attend that our site may display trademarked features of other sites. We do not protect them but it is still under the protection of their owners.
It is illegal to resell any information located on our site. You shall not exercise information gathering on mediapulsertb.com as well.

We do not object if you generate a link to our website as far as you do not introduce our company in an unfavorable light. If you refer to any trademarked material this should be done with our prior consent in writing.
We do not guarantee safety if you follow the links to external sites and do not protect from any consequences in this regard. Beware you do that at your own risk.

Site usage requirements
We appeal to common sense and morals of our users. We expect them to conduct in compliance with the instituted Terms of Use. You should not abuse either other customers or our service. You shall not destroy the safety of our network system or servers, disrupt, violate restrictions of provisions contained in these Terms of Use. You shall not ignore limitations of access to our sites. You shall not abuse the privacy of other customers. You realize that we do not attest or check the content of advertised businesses and the quality of products or services they offer. You shall act as stipulated by laws pursuant to these Terms of Use.

Solving Trademark and Copyright issues
We abide by Trademark and Copyright protection laws. Once you find some discrepancy which you may regard as the violation of trademark or copyright contact us via email contact@mediapulsertb.com and explain the issue. Be as specific as possible providing the original material and pointing out what exactly has been copied, in your opinion. You are supposed to be authorized to file such complaints by the trademark or copyright owner and have their original signature proving their ownership. Leave us your contacts for our feedback.

Indemnification Terms
You shall not misconduct, abuse or represent our company in any discrediting way. If you are alleged to any improper actions towards others in reference to our company you will be guilty of it solely on your own. Mediapulsertb shall not be blamed or face the claims and refund damages caused in the result of such misbehaviour.

User’s submitted materials
We are not able to provide inclusive confidentiality of the materials which you submit to mediapulsertb.com. Once you do so, you entitle us to the ownership of your submitted materials and thus forfeit your ownership.
You also recognize that we can use these materials at our discretion free of charge.

Our customers accept that the content of our site cannot always fully meet their requirements or be always accurate. We cannot guarantee that the content of external advertising sites will be accurate and it does not imply that we testify the quality of the goods and services. We disclaim our liability for any manages to your computer while viewing external resources and you accept that follow links at your own risk.

Termination of Use and access
In case we consider that our customers’ behaviour is improper or discrediting we may restrict or terminate their access to mediapulsertb.com. We may eliminate our services to you.

Exceptions to Terms of Use
We comply with all current laws and follow their provisions. In case any point of the current Terms of Use may be considered unlawful we will review it and make necessary amendments. All other unaffected points shall remain effective.

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