6 Things You Need To Do When Promoting Your Small Business Facebook Page

Every day there are more than 1.13 billion people worldwide that can see your Facebook page. Audience judge your brand for what they see and you will never get a second chance to make a first impression. So you want your Facebook page be perfect and engaging as much as possible. There is not one secret recipe for how to do it. However, you can try by avoiding these biggest mistakes an owner of a small business Facebook page can make.

Set up narrow ad targeting for Facebook ads

Don’t just broadcast your products and services on Facebook. You should always genuinely think about your customers as Facebook is all about authenticity. Care for your fans and nurture the community around your brand. Support their interests and make your content relevant to their lives. They will feel like a part of something big and will stay loyal to your brand.

Define your company values on Facebook

Many businesses somehow distort the picture of their brand on social media. Don’t do this. Your social media profile should be an actual representation of your company. Your page should maintain a balance between being a little casual and showing off. Make people comfortable on your profile.

Go out of your comfort zone with Facebook marketing

Don’t play safe. Go out of your comfort zone and fight for your customer with other advertisers. Try different types of content, experiment kinds of posts, use infographics, videos, photos, and other visuals. You never know what type of content will go viral but prepare for this and ensure you get consistent engagement, including shares, likes and comments.

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Use Facebook ads to promote your business

Don’t just forget about the existence of paid Facebook Ads. Some business owners create pages just because businesses should have a Facebook page. However, the benefit they can get from it is rather limited to people who have already discovered them. That is when Facebook ads come in hand to broaden your reach.

Try third-party websites to boost your business on Facebook

You should not just set your limit on what is available on Facebook, this will stop you from reaching good optimization tools. There are numerous third party companies that can be integrated with Facebook that offer awesome and essential for running a successful campaign tools. For example, AgoraPulse that allows you to attract customers by creating customizable quizzes, sweepstakes, fan voting contests, and more. Or HootSuite that will help you manage different social media pages and schedule posts.

Post consistently

You can’t just post whatever you want whenever you want. This campaign won’t get enough users’ response. It should be a system. Create a schedule for a specific period of time. Decide what and when you will post to make the right impression. You can even schedule some of your posts so that you don’t have to control everything.

Here were some of the most common mistakes one can make when running a Facebook promotion campaign, Try to avoid making them and you will do great!


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