7 tips that will change your Facebook live video game forever

Facebook live video is arguably the most engaging type of content on the platform – more people interact with live videos than with any other type of media. Live videos are also a great tool for boosting the number of orders that your customers place, as well as for improving brand loyalty. So how can you improve your live videos to be even more engaging? Here are a few tricks.

Try to film Facebook live videos horizontally

While you may be tempted to hold your smartphone vertically when filming live videos or it may even be necessary (for example, if you’re using the front camera to record the video), it is always better to hold the phone horizontally (in landscape mode) when you’re filming live videos. This creates a much more visually appealing image, plus, it allows your viewers to see more of what’s going on.

Film live Facebook videos in front of a window

You probably know that it’s good to take selfies when facing a light source. The same is true for live videos – facing a window when filming a live video will help the shot to be well-lit and more visually appealing. But make sure that you never film with the light source behind you.

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Be more informal in live videos

Live videos don’t usually follow a very strict script since you can interact with viewers and answer their questions and comments, so they are a great opportunity to become closer to your viewers by telling some fun personal stories (they should still be related to your business though).

Practice before going live

If you’re not used to doing live videos or videos in general, don’t go live in front of all of your followers right away. Unfortunately, you can’t practice doing live videos that nobody but you can see using a business profile. However, when using your personal profile, you can start a live video but set the privacy settings to only allow you to see the video.

Get your audience engaged in Facebook live videos

If you want your live video to be seen by as many people as possible, it is absolutely crucial to try to get lots of viewers to interact with it. This way the Facebook algorithm will see the video as high quality content that’s interesting to others, so it will show up higher in your followers’ feeds. A great way to do this is to ask questions during the live stream and have people submit their answers in the comments section, or you can invite them to ask you questions.

Have somebody help you with live video comments and questions

If you have a lot of people watching your live video and submitting questions to you, it can be pretty difficult to monitor all the questions and comments by yourself while doing the video. It’s a good idea to ask a friend or colleague to monitor the comments and reply to them in text form or to find the most popular questions and comments and pass them onto you to discuss during the live stream.

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Have fun and don’t stress out

If you’re doing a live video on Facebook, you absolutely must look like you’re happy to be doing it – there’s no question about it. Make sure that you’re in a good mood and try to keep a genuine smile on your face throughout the video.


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