How to turn your Facebook cover photo into a slideshow?

Why do I need a Facebook cover page slideshow?

If you run a business on Facebook, you might have noticed that some pages have slideshows instead of regular images as their cover photo. This is an amazing feature that can help you become even closer to your customers. There are several avenues you can take with Facebook cover slideshows. You can use this opportunity to introduce your company and become closer with your customers. For instance, include photos that feature your team and also images that show what your business is all about: these can be regular day-to-day pictures from the office, fun images from office parties, volunteering events or team-building retreats. This will help put a face to your business, which is a great way to draw more customers. Another useful trick is to use the slideshow to showcase a few of your best-selling products, which can help entice potential customers to check out your product selection and make a purchase.

How do I create a Facebook cover slideshow?

Changing your Facebook cover from a single photo to a slideshow is super easy. First, log in to your business Facebook account and go to the main page. Find the Change Photo button in the upper left corner of your current cover photo and click it. Choose Create Slideshow from the menu that appears and then select Choose From Photos. You will then be asked to choose an image. You can upload a picture from your computer or phone, take a picture or choose an existing image from one of your Facebook albums. Once you’ve selected some photos, adjust their orientation and position and rearrange them in the slide show. Click Save and enjoy the result!

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