Types of display advertising

Online advertising has evolved since its humble beginnings as a static image that pops up at the top of a website. Now, there are a wide variety of advertising types you could use – we’ve listed the 4 top types here


This is the most popular display ad on the internet. Banners are static, dynamic, or animated blocks. The main goal of banners – to advertise product and to draw attention as fast as possible.

Textual-graphical blocks

Blocks and banners are pretty much alike but blocks have also combination of images and text. Images are required for visualizing the product and text is required for URL, title, description, and other additional information.


Development of video advertising began because of popularizing of youtube, instagram and other social networks that contain video content. Video ads have three types:

  • Pre-roll: Play before the start of the video you chose and lasts 5-15 seconds. You can skip it also after 5-15 seconds from the start of an ad.
  • Mid-roll and post-roll: these type of ads appear in the middle and in the end of the video and controlled by advertiser. Overusing of mid- and post-rolls will harm the views of the video, because viewers will try to look for an alternative way of to watch this video.
  • Overlays: types of ads, that appear in the bottom of the video.

Branding of advertising space

The most expensive way to put advertisement. Only big companies or companies with high budget can let them pay for it. You need to buy whole website or other advertising space, so that it will promote only your product. You shall do it only when you are planning some big event or new big product. In that case you’ll get high CTR and acknowledgment of your brand or product.

  How to use Google Display Network: Display Advertising Network

How to pay for display advertising

  • Pay right from the beginning for the placing ad. This is a traditional way to put advertising. Different places require different minimal time of placing: from 1 day to 1 month). This method is used by the most popular websites, that have stable amount of visitors.
  • CPM means, that advertiser pays for an exact amount of views. For example, for 1000 views. The only problem is that every website visitor’s page refresh counts as one view, so the number of people who saw your ad is always lower than the number of views on a website’s count.
  • PAY FOR CLICKS means that you have to pay for an ad, only when people will click on it and visit your website. This method is very useful because you pay only for real visitors.
  • CPA is the most optimal way to place an ad because the payment is committed only when people will go to your website and buying your product or signing up to your website.

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