How to use advertising budget more effectively?

The results of certain marketing research indicate that up to 40% of marketing budget gets lost due to scheme artists

One of the leading analytic agencies has carried out research on the level of fraud schemes in mobile marketing sphere and on how to fight with them.

Among the main problems specialists mentioned the following:

  • Data transparency
  • Lack of knowledge on the processes of automated buying of advertisements
  • Fraud

Thus, the leaders in the sphere of marketing have named fighting with scheme artists and fraud traffic to be one of the most important tasks of digital advertising campaigns this year.

Most of the digital marketing agencies have stated that they are not able to keep the track on all fraud activities within the limits of their mobile marketing campaigns. One of the most widely used fraud schemes includes using mobile farms with smartphones, which reset DeviceIDs prior to each installment of the application, generating the major part of ‘real’ clicks and installments from ‘new’ devices. When this method is used, a full set of barriers for fraud protection can be neglected. According to some investigations, up to 50% of advertisement budget can be lost due to this reason.

How to avoid it?

Specialists recommend:

To discuss the strategies for fighting with this type of fraud with your digital marketing agency. One of the main problems likes in the lack of information about this problem – not knowing the tactics of scheme artists, the agencies don’t know how to fight with them.

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To expand possibilities for detecting schemes – to use tools which do not depend on digital marketing agencies as well as to work with partners on transparency of information.

Be patient and attentive in selecting the sources of traffic. Before starting a mobile advertising campaign, one should make sure that the used media sources are reliable. When signing the contract with some digital marketing agency, make sure that you have discussed the problem of fraud traffic and how to fight with it.

Invest in creating a department which will fight with fraud, in order to optimize your campaigns and to detect fraud activities yourself.

And in the end – select a trusted digital marketing agency with nice reviews.


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