How to use Google Display Network: Display Advertising Network

Display Advertising is a diverse number of options how to advertise your brand or product, and it is directed to visual reach of the audience and attracting its interest through using text, audio and video. Originally it was displayed on TV, billboards, flyers, banners, radio, and other offline channels.

With the growth of the Internet, Display Ads have become a part of online advertisement system, that includes banners, teasers, videoclips.

Display Ads are posted on news portals and websites.

What are the bonus effects of Display Ads Network?

  1. Increasing brand awareness and recognition for bigger groups of people
  2. Possibility to announce new product
  3. Quick launch of the company, great and fast results in company growth
  4. Possibility to target the right audience (region, sex, age, interests)
  5. Broad reach on the targeted auditorium
  6. Keeping statistics on effectiveness and growth

Needless to say that every year, the number of the users of Display Ad Networks, and money spent on it increases, which only shows effectiveness and the results that Display Ads reach. And these numbers also predict that it’s only going to continue developing.

How does Display Advertising work?

  • Advertising on Internet Portals

This is a god place to Display Ads because it is highly used by a lot of users, mostly because of free services like Emails, Search, News, Weather, Traffic News etc. This way, a lot of people will get to know about your brand, and they will begin to recognize it.

  • Placing Display Ads on Websites
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This is important, because you will advertise for target audience. Thematic websites are cheaper for Displaying Ads, compared to regular Internet Portals.

Placing Display Ads on specific Websites gives you individual treatment. Meaning, you will be Displayed on a specific place, with a specific Ad that will show your brand, or they can advertise a specific product, or they can advertise selling locations, sales etc.

Different types of Display Ads

  • Banners

This is mostly used form of Display Ads. This brings basic information on the brand, and may include text and image on it. It pops up on the screen of the users age. It has a goal to attract interest, and get user to click on it in order to get more information on advertised brand or product.

  • Text and Image Ads

It is similar to banners, and it includes texts and images. Text is necessary to give information and description , name of the company, and web address. Image is supposed to give the idea of the advertised product.

  • Video

This became more popular when YouTube got included to Display Network. There are a couple of ways these Ads work.

  • They can be played before the video starts, and last anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds. After these 5-15 seconds, user can continue watching the video.
  • They can also be played during or after the desired content ends.
  • And, there are overlays. These are the graphic banners, that pop up over the video, as video plays.

What scheme will be chosen, depends on the goals of advertisement, type of the business, and the budget. So, dive into the Google Display Ad diversity of options, keep track of the statistics and effectiveness of Display Ads.


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