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How does RTB advertising in video format work?

Instream Video

In-stream video ads that run on the MEDIAPULSERTB publishing framework render every option that is required to draw larger gains with increased click rates and enhanced metrics. A good deal of the leading international publisher entities take advantage of MEDIAPULSERTB in-stream solutions to multiply the monetizing potential of their resources. Our in-stream technologies follow the VAST standard and are accessed in a number of formats and modifications to grant consumers the smooth and enjoyable ad viewing time.

Higher eCPMs
Improved CTRs


These are the ads that you see before a video you requested begins.


Similar to commercial breaks, these ads are played during the requested video content.


The least intrusive of Instream ad types, this ad plays at the end of the video content requested.

Outstream Video

The implementation of out-stream video materials in top-hat ad spaces warrants visibility and improves the experience for publishers and advertisers alike. MEDIAPULSERTB out-stream ad models smoothly incorporate into the publisher’s mobile content, immediately transmuting it into high-end video resource.

Guaranteed Viewability
Premium Ad Placements
Enhanced Engagement

How It’s Done

Outstream means that the video ad plays within the content of a mobile web page rather than opening full screen in the device’s native video player.

Video Ad Plays

  • When more than 70% is visible
  • Muted initially for better user experience
  • With any length video

Video Pauses

  • When less than 70% is visible
  • When the user moves to a different screen

Upon Video Completion

  • Replay button appears
  • Call-to-action appears
  • The ad unit disappears with scroll

Rewarded Video

Rewarded video is a fashionable advertisement idea where consumers are motivated to view a video commercial. The motivation is a reward that may be a digital cash, bonuses or any other equity that would appeal to the customers and can be implemented by the ad designer. This kind of videos have disabled skipping option and usually last up to half a minute, being backed by client-based bonuses. The consumers’ choosing to view these advertisements for bonuses or motivators substantially enhances video watching stats, brand recognition and installations of the applications.

Higher Completion Rate
Optimal Engagement
Ideal for Brand Awareness

Online video advertisement is gaining popularity. Although this ad format is considered a little bit old-fashioned, it has proven to be effective and will probably stay here for a long time.Video advertisement has a fair price and is actually worth every cent spent on it, you don’t need thousands of people to create video ads but the results are outstanding. Many video ad formats can be used and your video can be converted into other types, which gives you an opportunity to post it on different platforms. You get the ad results immediately and can track down how successful it is with different groups of viewers. Posting your ad online ensures you can get viewers from all around the world and make your brand go viral. Moreover, your consumers can see your ad on every device which is connected to the internet.

There might also be a few disadvantages. People rarely want to rewatch video ads, so you should be very careful choosing a time slot and platform when placing the ad.

App Developers / Mobile Publishers
Ad Networks & DSPs
Billion Mobile Users per Month
Billion Impressions per Month
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