What is Direct Response Marketing?

Direct response marketing stands for a type of sales technique that aims to receive an on-the-spot response, encouraging a customer to take action from the advertiser’s offer right immediately. They usually deliver a call-to-action type of ads and advertisers are able to measure the results of the campaign almost immediately after its start.

All forms of advertising use direct response marketing at some degree, advertisers’ irresistible offers push potential clients to take action, generating new leads. For example, in exchange for some benefit, advertisers may ask users to take some kind of action, depending on their campaign goals.

Unlike the traditional forms of advertising, whose goal is to raise brand awareness, direct response marketing focuses on getting results immediately.

Direct response marketing definition

Direct marketing response advertising must evoke an instant feedback and aims to sell products immediately, meaning that the buying decision follows the ad. A typical direct response marketing ad includes:

  • Offer – a detailed description of your product and brand, aiming to get the prospect’s interest and lead him to the next step. Offer should be well-targeted and appeal to potential client’s emotions, desires, frustrations and fears.
  • Information – your customers should have enough information to make a decision you want them to. You only have 4 seconds to grab the recipient’s attention with a relevant, personalized, persuasive message. Tell your customers why they should buy your product and describe the purchasing process step by step so that they don’t have any time left to doubt.
  • A call to action is a must. Your prospective client should see your ad and know the next steps right immediately. Include a specific task that they need to complete in order to receive some benefit, such as follow the link below, contact us immediately, sign up for mailing list, subscribe, download a free trial, share with your friends, etc. For an accelerated response marketers would even include some form of a deadline to this offer.
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Direct response marketing advantages

  • You will get an immediate return on investment. Direct response marketing provoke an immediate customer response, meaning immediate sales and revenues for you. You can also deeming the price for one impression and bud only on those bringing you value.
  • Direct response marketing performance is easy to track and analyze. You see users response immediately and know exactly which ad generated the impression, so you can determine the most effective ads and optimize your campaign in real-time mode.
  • It’s easy to predict the campaign performance. Because it’s so fast and easy to track direct response marketing campaign results you can test it before launching full size. Figure out the most effective channels and start a bigger campaign. The results won’t differ.
  • It allows to target people who will most likely be interested in your product.
  • You can use ad networks that specialize in certain types of content for a more precise segmentation.

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