What is native advertising

What is native advertising

Native Ads platforms are ads that fit as closely as possible into the content of the web page on which they are placed. As a result, the native advertising definition includes advertisement that is relevant, is in the interests of users and therefore causes less rejection from the target audience.

The native ad networks include:

  • Sponsorship posts

  • Widgets

  • Promoted videos

  • Other branded content.

You can meet this type of advertising on almost any native ads network – news, entertainment, video portals, and others. Social networks are also actively adapting this format: native definition can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

What is native advertising and what are the advantages of native advertising:

  • Good visibility – initially perceived as one of the materials of the site on which it is placed, not falling into the zone of “banner blindness.” Despite the inscription “advertisement”, the target user will still notice the given message

  • Not available for Ad Block (ad blockers) – extensions for ad blocking cannot block such content, because considers it a natural (native) part of the site

  • Does not need to adapt to different platforms – instead of you, this is done by the platform on which the advertising content is placed

  • Quality advertising message – you can post much more information about a brand or product, presenting it as a useful article with interesting information, descriptions, photos, etc.

The effectiveness of different formats primarily depends on the tasks: the context is more suitable for sales and lead generation, video for maximum coverage, content marketing for image.

In terms of monetization for publishers, the most effective formats are blog posts (58%), articles (56%) and video (53%), for brands and agencies – video (68%), blogs (54%) and articles (59%).

The extent to which trends and forecasts become a reality depends on many factors but first of all, brands, agencies and publishing houses should remember that true nativity implies a transition to conscious user interest in advertising content, which should be at least useful. It is necessary that hi-tech advertising agencies use far fewer words like programmatic and RTB in relation to native advertising, and care more about the positive user experience. Otherwise, the words “ignore” and “indifference” will become synonyms of ‘native advertising’.

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