What is programmatic TV?

Nobody expected this but online programmatic advertising is now available for TV. Unlike the popular belief, TV hasn’t died but instead it evolved. People still watch their favorite TV shows with the only difference that now they can turn them at any time, anywhere, on any device. The TV market, thus, had to change dramatically, adapting to this new approach. With the introduction of programmatic TV advertising participants will have to reinvent the price formation and ad placement.

What is programmatic TV advertising?

Programmatic TV allows launching programmatic ad campaigns while broadcasting linear, connected and addressable TV.

  • Linear TV stands for all kinds of live broadcasting TV, which operates on a traditional TV ad platforms, using standard performance metrics.
  • The connected TV works when connected to the Internet with the help of different consoles and streaming boxes. It allows advertisers to serve ads depending on a household.
  • Addressable TV allows providers to broadcast the same shows to different audiences but at the same time serve them different ads depending on the household.

Programmatic TV advertising combines the advantages of these two kinds. It allows you to buy, plan and optimize your ad campaigns, making it needless to target by household. And unlike addressable TV that needs to collaborate with networks or TV distributors to get access to certain households, programmatic TV is contextual.

Programmatic TV advertising

The programmatic technology inside the programmatic TV automated ad placement system allows any TV buy inside one unifying platform for all channels. Advertisers bid on the TV impressions in real-time and the highest bid is shown while the broadcasting is going on. Programmatic TV ad platforms also own enough of personal information about the viewers to enable targeting. The whole system works automatically without any need for manual regulation. Typically users will see a small personalized ad unit popping up on the TV screen, they can either choose to click on it or ignore it.

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As an advertiser programmatic TV will allow you to access real-time targeting and data-driven unified ad campaign management which will help you make your ad campaign more relevant and efficient.

Programmatic TV ad buying

Online programmatic advertising for TV represents is definitely something new and fresh in old TV ad buying schemes. It’s not yet on the top of its popularity but it’s slowly getting there, climbing up to almost $180 billion a year in 2017. This is the right time to use all the advantages of programmatic advertising for TV till it’s not popular and expensive. With programmatic TV ads you will get access to:

  • Audience-based targeting
  • TV ad buying automation
  • Selling remnant inventory
  • Regaining the audience
  • Ad spending analysis

It’s important to understand any ads concerning trends. Programmatic TV advertising is getting popular now, why don’t give it a shot?


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