What is real-time bidding

What is real-time bidding

RTB (real-time bidding) is a technology for purchasing display ad shows as a part of an online auction of the second price in real time. Real-time definition is primarily not the purchase of places for the placement of creative ads but at the purchase of the shows of these to target users. That’s what real time meaning is.

What is RTB? RTB is one of the ways to purchase advertising within the programmatic platform. Obviously, not all programmatic platforms use RTB. Some automated advertising platforms allow publishers to sell advertising inventory directly through Programmatic Direct not using an auction.

The advantages of the method are the effectiveness of time and cost. Thanks to participation in real-time auctions, advertisers no longer need to directly contact publishers or ad networks with ad placement requests. The programmatic ecosystem provides access to a huge number of web resources and allows choosing the product most suitable for a particular client and his goals. This contributes to an increase in basic KPIs, as well as optimizes the cost of purchasing traffic.

Technology Programmatic and RTB advertising have made a big breakthrough in the world of online advertising.

With their appearance, advertising began to develop more actively. New advertising platforms and networks with their inventory have entered the market, now advertisers and agencies have the opportunity to buy shows for specific audiences.

Previously, advertisers had to independently negotiate with dozens of advertising systems on making their work. Each system had its own interface, settings, rules, working conditions, etc.

The cost of advertising was dictated by the owners of the systems and sites.

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Moreover, advertisers could buy only an advertising space or banner but not display advertising target audience. It was quite problematic to determine on which advertising sites and when the desired target audience is present.

All this makes it very difficult to purchase advertising. A solution was required that would simplify the process of advertising, using one entry point on different exchanges and platforms. Then technologies such as Programmatic and RTB appeared.


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