What is rich media content?

What is rich media?

Rich media is a broad term that refers to non-traditional advertisements that users can interact with. These include various clickable banners, buttons, takeover ads, floating ads and more. While there is no set list of rich media formats, rich media usually exhibits the following characteristics: immediate interaction with the user, use of audio and video in the ads or use of advanced animations and more. These types of ads usually try to attract the viewer’s attention more effectively than regular ads. Rich media ads are not simple text or pictures. Instead, they always exhibit some type of motion ether in general or after the viewer interacts with the ad. Rich media ads often ask the user to click a button, choose from a list of options, or simply turn the sound off or pause the video ad that’s playing. Another feature that sets rich media ads apart from regular ads is that it often uses technologies like Java, DHTML, Flash and more.

Why should I choose rich media ads over banner ads?

While the rich media advertisement format has a number of pros and cons just like any other type of ads, in general, it is a much better choice for advertisers compared to traditional banner ads. In fact, today a lot of brands are beginning to choose rich media ad formats over banner ads to introduce their company, increase brand awareness, improve sales and more. So what makes rich media adverts so effective? The benefits of rich media can be divided into two categories.

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Rich media ads show better performance

When it comes to performance metrics, nothing beats interactive rich media ads. First of all, they show much higher visibility on the page, meaning that users are much more likely to notice them compared to other ad formats. Next, they have a higher impact rate, which is similar to the visibility metric. People who see rich media ads are more likely to notice and remember a rich media ad than a regular banner ad. Additionally, on average, users have more interactions with rich media advertisements because there are other ways to interact with the ad besides simply clicking it to go to the landing page. Finally, rich media ads report higher conversion rates, so more people who see them end up buying the product or service compared to regular banner ads.

Rich media offers more data for advertisers

If you’re an advertiser, getting ad impressions, interactions and conversions is great, but it’s not the only thing you’re after. Ad performance data can be just as valuable, as it allows you to analyze user behavior and improve your ads to be more successful in the future. This is another thing that rich media is better for – with interactive ads you can gather a lot more data about user behavior. In addition to data that the ad server collects about user behavior, you can even include a survey in the ad to help you get to know your customers better.


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