What is SSP and why is it so good?

Today, web advertising is the most popular type of advertising. In civilized world, TV begins to fade and losing its authority, while internet is gaining and gaining the popularity. Among all of the advertising formats on internet, the most popular type is video advertising. It is so popular, because of the social networks, that provide the best terms for that format. For example, Youtube or Instagram. Also, it gives people to both see and hear the information that is delivering to user. Anyway, just like all other types of web advertising, video had some difficulties. Earlier, you had to communicate manually with the publisher to buy an advertising and to decide all the stipulations. Sometimes, it had no result because of different human factors. However, with the creation of SSP (Supply-Side Platform), everything became much easier. But what is SSP and why should I use it? Well, with this text you will find all the answers on your questions.

What is SSP

Supply-Side Platform is automated platform for publishers to sell their inventory with the maximum price. It always interacts with the DSP (Demand-Side Platform) Рthe same platform, but only for advertisers that gives the highest stakes and requirements for the target audience from advertisers to SSP, which allows to commit RTB (Real-Time Bidding) with the benefit for both sides. Main advantage of SSP is RTB, of course. As already said, earlier it was really hard to find a good client that will answer all your demands. With RTB, you can optimize the settings and wishes, so that RTB will sell ad places with the best benefit. It requires no manual label  and every process is automated that making an influence of a human factor completely impossible. What is also very good, is that the duration of bids is just a couple of milliseconds Рmuch faster than finding a worthy clients.

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What is video advertising

Video advertising is the most informal way to introduce your product to other people. All you need, is creativity, hard work and understanding of the market. Remember, video advertising gives you the highest amount of possibilities to promote your product because of the popularity. Also, if you will use video advertising right, you will able not only to follow the trends, but also to create them.

Video SSP

The process of SSP is pretty similar to other SSPs. Same RTB, same options. Today, SSP are very popular, their number is increasing day by day. And, of course, not all of them are providing you the best stipulations. To be sure that they are worthy your attention, you should consider these standards:

  • SSP has to interact with popular and solid brands that have good reputation.
  • Consulting services and client support will help new businessmen that decided to use SSP.
  • They have to support all the formats of videos and answer the standards of VAST, VPAID and VMAP.
  • Minimizing load time and latency helps people to save extra time for more bidding and other important stuff.
  • Of course, with the technologies today, these SSPs have to be able to run on different gadgets like phone, tablet, pc and others.

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